ORGAN THING: Translating her understanding of the intangible, E Zhang, her art, her intriguing spaces and…

E Zhang is a new name to us, her art is immediately intriguing, her installations exciting, the spaces she invites you to explore irresistable.   One of the many good things about being an artist taking part in a carefully put together well-considered group show (that you haven’t curated yourself) is the artists you meet that you haven’t come across before (when you curate it yourself you tend to know the artists).  E Zhang was part of that rather successful Inside Out show that was part of Hackney Wicked a couple of weeks ago. Her interactive piece was intriguing, it really was interactive, it was jumped on rather a lot, but who is she? Who is E Zhang? The simple beauty of a group show is you see something, it excites you, the reaction to the piece from the people around you excites you, you need to go find our more, you go home, you fire up your computer (not a tiny phone, if you must look at art on-line then at least on a proper decent sized monitor). Here then, is a taste of the art of E Zhang

According to her own biography E Zhang was born in Shanghai China, her work is “predominantly in the medium of interactive installation but includes videos and performances. Zhang’s interests in volition / equilibrium / power relationships / physical theory were the main subject she rendered in her works”.


“Base on that she focused on translating her understanding of the intangible relationships of humans into interactive art pieces. She remained the process of making a work as pregnant. The long time of preparing, making and problems solving is part of the artist herself. But when the work finished, when it’s been pull out of the artist and get into this world, it remains itself as an independent body without any future connection with the maker. It develops itself by the audience. When audiences experienced Zhang’s work, the environment forced them to be part of the artwork without a sign. And let them to build their own storyline of the piece in order to implant the work inside the audience. And that’s how the artwork got it’s own life”.

E. ZHANG is currently based in London.






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