ORGAN PREVIEW: E Zhang brings her site specific installation Inner Ear to Elements Gallery, London’s urban outdoor space, in early March…


Inner Ear is something that opens on the evening of March 9th at Elements Gallery, an almost unique outdoor gallery in the courtyard space at Hackney’s Angus-Hughes Gallery.  Chinese born, London based artist E. Zhang, who’s work was last seen as part of Cultivate’s Intent show over in Dalston back in January, brings her site specific installation Inner Ear to Elements Gallery.

“Zhang’s participatory work challenges everything we know about communication, conflict, intimacy and perception in human relationships. Come prepared for both an unsettling yet joyous experience, YOU will be asked to MAKE WAVES, YOUR waves will impact on others, YOU will be requested to remove high-heels, YOU may be asked to form an orderly queue, YOU may feel both connection and separation, YOU may experience disorientation and laughter.


The art show’s “private view” takes place on the evening of Friday March 9th (6pm until 9pm), although once again why it is billed as a “private view” I really don’t know, it is open to all and entry is tree (why does art always have to appear to be so unwelcoming and hiding behind aloof wording, closed doors and so called private views?). The exhibition continues with public openings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from midday until 6pm (or by appointment – contact althoughat this point it isn’t clear how long the exhibition goes on for (the various gallery websites and social media pages aren’t telling is)

Elements Gallery can be found in the courtyard space of Angus-Hughes Gallery at 26 Lower Clapton Road (the entrance is around the back on Urswick Road), London, E5 0PD


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