ORGAN THING: Delores de Sade and her beautiful return from strange lands at 5th Base Gallery, London, E1…


DELORES DE SADE – Strange Lands at 5th Base Gallery, Heneage Street, London, E1, Aug 24th – 27th 2017

– It is an exercise in stating the obvious really, but the work of Delores De Sade, rather like the beautiful prints of Norman Ackroyd (that we’re rather looking forward to seeing again at his new show at Eames Gallery down in Bermondsey in a couple of weeks), really can’t be photographed.  You simply can’t really convey the beauty to be found almost hiding in those very fine lines via photos on a website. The art of Delores De Sade, the strong detail, the intricate delight really can’t be photographed, the photos of the beauty to be found in the art of her latest solo show really isn’t going to convey or, I suspect, make an impression. The photos of the art posted here (or elsewhere on line) really won’t explain the magic of her art, you really really do need to see the pieces and experience it all first hand.  And yes, I know you could argue that to be the case with the art of almost every artist but you can convey some of what an expansive painter is about via photographs posted on-line, you can convey what excited you about an installation in the corner of an old building or a fresh piece from a street artist or the work of a thrilling sculptor or textile designer, but these rather exquisite prints and etchings are something you really can’t convey, you do really really need to be there yourself, to be up close and personal, to be there with her art and experiencing some of what she experienced herself, you do really need to quietly drink it all in in the silent intimacy of a white-walled gallery.  Your nose needs to be right there in front of the pieces a couple of inches in front of the glass, just you and the lines, the textures, the paper, the details and the treats to be found in that tiny detail of the darkness or in the weight of that print of the suspended rock or those beautiful shapes that reveal so much.


I love the work of Delores de Sade, I make no secret of it, first came across her at one of those open studio events a couple of years ago, she been travelling for the last eighteen months, drawing her way through residencies in Tokyo, Chiangmai and the open space of California, her show Strange Lands is some of what she brought back, landscapes, reactions, layers, the vastness of  desert, the closeness of jungle, a rewarding set of adventures – rewarding for us as viewers, for us exploring her exploring, for exploring her reporting back from strange lands, her beautiful prints, her strange things standing on white plinths, flavours you just wouldn’t get from the observations of others, there’s always something rewarding to be found in the delightful work of  Delores de Sade wherever she might have been. Always pleasing to see her work and this considerately hung show really does add to pleasure.  Everything can breathe in here,  the temptation to show too much has been resisted, that rock is wonderful, those lines in those black and white prints, those places others wouldn’t notice


DELORES DE SADE – Strange Lands at 5th Base Gallery

Tales of trees that have been there since the first temple was built, wash days snatched between typhoons. nature respected, celebrated, layers of (human) life – a show (or an open studio) involving Delores de Sade is always worth checking out, she’s not an artist who comes with a big noise and a whole load of hoopla, she is an artist who takes you with her though, takes you to the places that excite her, to the landscapes that engage with her, she’s almost like one of those artists that might have sailed on adventures three hundred years ago and then brought back tales and images that then would have been difficult to believe, her work almost feels like the early days of mass media or the printing press, I want a beautifully printed book of her Strange Lands, I want to sit and explore her prints for hours and hours (and hours) , I need more returns from more journeys, I need more of her etching and engraving, painting, writing, sculpture, installation, I need more….


DELORES DE SADE – Strange Lands at 5th Base Gallery

Really is a shame this show lasted for less than a week (such is the life of an artist and the expense involved in hiring space to share your art these days), I really need to see all this again, I really need her not to take to long before she returns again, loved this show, love her work….  (sw)

Click on an image to enlarge an image or to run the fractured slide show (at best you’ll get a small flavour of the beauty to be found)



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