ORGAN PREVIEW: Five art things to explore, Delores de Sade, Norman Ackroyd, Herakut, Jawbone Jawbone, The Folkestone Triennial, the Fringe and…

Five Art things, five slices of art that have passed our way via our e.mail in-boxes or our social medial feeds in the last week, five things you might like to go explore, shows that are happening right now or exhibitions that are about to happen, or maybe just a piece of art we feel like sharing along with a link or two. None of these outrageous claims about the “best five exhibitions” made by those annoyingly faddish art map type websites who don’t really seem to have much of a clue about what’s really going. No claims about the “best this” or the “most happening that”, just five things exciting us and this time around a couple artists who’s work you really do need to see in the flesh in the shape of Dolores de Sade and Norman Ackroyd (I can’t wait for the Norman Ackroyd show at Eames next week). Here you go then, five things….

1: DELORES DE SADE has a solo show called Strange Lands on at 5th Base gallery right now, the gallery is just off Brick Lane, East London, you need to catch it this weekend


Dolores de Sade

“Following 18 months of residencies in Japan, Thailand and USA, Dolores de Sade is returning to London with this solo exhibition. Drawings and ikebana created on these travels will be presented for the first time in the UK.

Primarily focused on landscape, de Sade’s work is concerned with memory, nostalgia, myth and narrative. Travelling through vastly different terrains, both physically and culturally, this exhibition will explore the human connection to landscape, and the views and objects that are held as examples of such. Romantic landscapes are deconstructed by the artist as authoritative models of beauty and sublimity. Yet, these are uncanny visions of low life elevated as high art. De Sade’s beautiful, Arcadian views are not set in the classical past; they represent prosaic modern subjects: motorway and A-road verges, concrete edifices and steel totems.

In the context of modern industrialisation, the artist questions what landscape means to us today and how it is distilled through popular media and cultural artifacts.

Dolores de Sade studied Fine Art and Printmaking at the Sir John Cass School of Art and the Royal College of Art and holds a PhD in History from the University of York. She has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. In 2011 she was the recipient of the Birgit Skiöld Memorial Trust Award and the Royal Academy’s British Institution Award. She was Chair of East London Printmakers and is an active member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. Her work is held in the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Royal College of Art, Ashmoleum Museum, British Museum and the Government Art Collection, as well as public and private collections in China, Japan, USA and Thailand” –


Dolores de Sade

STRANGE LANDS BY Dolores de Sade is on at 5th Base until  Sunday 27th Aug 11am – 6pm. The gallery is at 23 Heneage Street, just off Brick Lane, East London.

2: NORMAN ACKROYD is back at Eames gallery at the start of September, last time we caught his wonderful work there it really was a glowing set of treat. Norman Ackroyd’s emotional work really does have to be seen in the flesh, you really get no idea from looking at his pieces on line (and yes that is the case for almost all art but especially so in this case)

“Our next big event at the gallery is a beautiful exhibition of watercolours and etchings by Royal Academician, Norman Ackroyd”, the show opens on September 6th and runs from the 7th until October 1st



“This stunning exhibition of works unites Norman’s two great passions: landscapes and poetry. Norman has always been inspired by poetry: he often quotes lines of his favourite poets to us as we discuss his work, and has lines of poetry propped, pasted and pinned around his studio, we’ve tried to recreate this in the show. Norman has carefully selected artworks from his personal collection, including etchings made as early as 1972, and a selection of his latest watercolours from his notebooks. Then alongside these works we’ll be including some of Norman’s favourite lines of poetry – those extracts he returns to again and again when contemplating a landscape”.

Eames Fine Art Gallery is at 58 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UD

3: JAWBOX JAWBOX are a duo from the North East, and this image of  a recent piece called “Where?” is one of over 150 images that can currently be viewed as par of Cultivate’s on-line experimental group show “Something Blue”, the show and the 50 or so artists taking part can be viewed via this link. The third in a trilogy of on-line art shows, Blue follows on from the Something Black and Red shows…


86: Artist: JAWBONE JAWBONE, Title: Where? (2017), plywood, aeroply & varnish, H – 1m 20cm W – 1m 60cm D – 12cm.

“Artistically we collaborate through our third identity, jawbone jawbone.  As habitual re-users of imagery we aim to generate motifs that appear in various forms. We are interested in taking elements from previous works and jostling them around to inform new works. In this way we refer to a lot of our work as elements, rather than their more specific medium. This approach allows us to push motifs to see how far they can stretch and morph.

4: HERAKUT – Another duo, this time from Germany, and a show at that Stolen Space space we can’t decide if we love or don’t quite love.


“Stolen Space Gallery presents ‘Sad But Happy’ the beautiful new solo show by German artist duo Hera and Akut, known as Herakut. On the title for the show ‘Sad But Happy’, the duo stated; ‘It fits every single piece, we think, and fits our style in general. Ambivalence. Schizophrenia even. That’s us. That’s the essence of Herakut.’  This series of new works sees the duo progress with their distinctive and dark style. Depicting children and animals with large emotive eyes, they draw the viewer in to their mysteriously eerie world, making them contemplate the statements scribbled across the canvas and their relationship with the characters in the works. Their dark use of colour contrasts with the bright and fast use of movement and brush work. Their style welcomes a kind of imperfect perfection, the brushstrokes seeming erratic and fluid but also so beautifully placed. Their joint creative art process is about storytelling, the creation of imaginary worlds and inspiring their figures with individual characters. Hera sets the characters’ form and proportions, whilst Akut paints the photorealistic elements. We are excited to have the duo back at StolenSpace again with this new body of work which promises to be beautiful as ever”.

The show opens on the evening of August 31st and then runs from September 1st until September 24th More details here . You find Stolen Space at 17 Osborn Street, London, E1 6TD.


5: THE FOLKESTONE TRIENNIAL is almost upon us again, happening for a fourth time down on the Kent coast next weekend, it runs from 2nd September until 5th September    All kinds of things happen in Folkestone next weekend with the Triennial, the Fringe and of course the Folkestone leg of this year’s Art Car Boot Fair. The Triennial itself features Studio Ben Allen, Rigo 23, Sol Calero, Michael Craig-Martin, Diane Dever and The Decorators, Antony Gormley, Alex Hartley, Lubaina Himid, Emily Peasgood, Amalia Pica, Marc Schmitz + Dolgor Ser-Od, David Shrigley, Bob and Roberta Smith, Sinta Tantra, Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas, HoyCheong Wong, Gary Woodley, Bill Woodrow, Richard Woods, Jonathan Wright, last time in 2014 it was alive with art and atmosphere, with engagement and excitement (and gold on the beach),


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