ORGAN THING: Treat yourself by celebrating artist Norman Ackroyd’s birthday today, he really is refreshingly wonderful…


This just in from Eames Fine Art Gallery ” I just thought I’d let you know that today, Thursday 26th March, is Norman Ackroyd’s birthday! To celebrate it BBC Radio 4 will be repeating the episode of ‘Only Artists’ that features a conversation between Norman and the writer Robert MacFarlane. This wonderful programme will be broadcast at 11.30am, but I’m sure will also be available on BBC Sounds app later.

If you didn’t hear the programme when it originally came out, it’s certainly worth a listen and will be 37 minutes of your isolation well spent! It’s a lovely conversation as Norman and Robert discuss their fascination with wild landscapes and islands, and how they attempt to come to a deeper understanding of place. If you’re in the mood to hear and see more of Norman, you can still see the wonderful documentary which BBC Four made back in 2013, What Do Artists Do All Day? Although this isn’t currently available on the iPlayer, there is a version in two parts on YouTube. You can see part one just there , (unfortunately, the sound isn’t great for the first couple of minutes – but bear with it – it’s fine for the rest of the film).

Part 2 follows on here.


Here’s the gallery’s big sell bit, but hey, they’re a commercial gallery and they never complain when I come in and spend hours gushing over Norman’s work..

“Of course, once that’s whet your appetite for Norman’s wonderful etchings, you can see a full selection of his etchings and watercolours for sale on our website here. Post offices are still open so we are perfectly able to send you any artworks unframed to arrive with you within just a few days. Also, our framer is still working so we can still get pictures framed for you and we will do our best to get them delivered to you or arrange a safe way for you to collect as soon as possible”.

Enjoy the programmes, and let Norman’s work take you somewhere else; somewhere transcendental. With our best wishes, Rebecca and Vincent and all at Eames Fine Art

Do enjoy, Norman Ackroyd’s art really is somethinhg very special, happy birthday Norman (sw)


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