ORGAN: Five art shows to check out, Norman Ackroyd back at Eames, more from Skip Gallery, Dave Buonaguidi at Nelly Duff, Charlotte Edey, James Johnston, Harry Pye, Miss Bugs goes North and…


NORMAN ACKROYD at Eames Gallery, Bermondsey, London SE1, Sept 2017.

Five recommended art things, London art things, September is here, things are stirring, art is stirring, London really has been far too quiet in recent times, are things kicking in again? The Five Art Things feature is intended as a regular, almost certainly weekly, or something like weekly, a weekly round up of recommended art events, five shows exhibitions and things we rather think might be worth checking out. Mostly London for that’s where we currently operate and explore, and with no claims that these are “the best five” or the “Top Five”, we’re not one of those art websites that ignore most things whilst claiming to be covering everything and proclaiming this or that to be the “top thing” or the “best thing”. this is simply just regular list of five or so art things coming up soon that we think you might find as interesting as we do…


Dave Buonaguidi

1: Dave Buonaguidi, ‘Say It With Flowers’ at Nelly Duff, 156 Columbia Road, London, E2 7RG – The show opens upstairs at the rather compact space on Thursday September 5th *6pm until 8.30pm) and then runs from the 6th until September 12th. kind of like the look of this one, here’s what nelly has to say – “As we say goodbye to August and the promise of autumn draws ever closer, we couldn’t help feeling not quite ready to day goodbye to the vibrancy and floral scent of our East London Summer. So, our answer is this: a brand new show from Hackney’s most infamous wit and squeegee bandit Dave Buonaguidi that combines all the screen printed sauce you would expect from Buonaguidi with real flower seed packets. Taking place in our gallery on Columbia road (of flower market fame) we think its quite fitting, don’t you? This September we are excited to showcase a bounty of individually screen printed flower seed packets that, when hung in the right way, produce a litany of words, phrases and smile-inducing statements. In signature Buonaguidi style, the combination of found objects and carefully designed text make for a show stopping display, and we guarantee will make for an excellent exhibition”.


NORMAN ACKROYD at Eames Gallery, Bermondsey, London SE1, Sept 2017.

2: Look At This, Skip Gallery at The Arts Building, Morris Place, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3JG – “Look At This” is to be the latest in a number of always interesting art shows or events or exhibitions from Skip Gallery –  “A gallery in a skip. Founded by Catherine Borowski & Lee Baker. Past exhibitors include David Shrigley, Ben Eine and Gavin Turk”, The so called “Private view” is between 6pm and 8pm on Wednesday September 4th and then the show runs from Thursday September 5th until the 15th, Open to the public,11am – 7pm daily. More details underneath the image that’s just coming up…


The next Skip event will be at The Arts Building, Finsbury Park – “Finsbury Park’s famous Arts Building, has collaborated with Baker & Borowski, to present LOOK AT THIS, Skip Gallery’s largest and most ambitious art show to date.  Lee and Catherine (who is from Finsbury Park), have selected six acclaimed contemporary artists to join them in the thought-provoking exhibition, that will present seven skips, each transformed into skip inspired artworks, brought together in the extraordinary and expansive ground floor space of Arts Building. There will be new works by Sarah Maple and Baker & Borowski. The private view will also include a revived performance of Paul Kindersley’s Ship Of Fools and will feature seven skips, works from Richard Woods, David Shrigley, Gavin Turk,  Sarah Maple, Baker & Borowski, Maja Djordjevic and the aforementioned Paul Kindersley. The so called “Private view” is between 6pm and 8pm on Wednesday September 4th and then the show runs from  Thursday September 5th until the 15th.


3:  You know More Than I know at The Art Academy, the Former Newington Library, 155 Walworth Road, London, SW17 1RS – Following on from that excellent solo show from painter James Johnston at Stash Gallery last month, a “new group show, Steve Gullick, Corin Johnson, Harry Pye, Aleks Wojcik, James Johnston. a really great mix of photography, sculpture, drawing and painting, titled after the enigmatic John Cale song. We’ll have a little gallery ‘shop’ of smaller strange and wonderful things too, along with books and prints etc by the artists. Opening night, 11th Sept at 6pm. The show is then up until Mon 15th Sept. Short run, and a rare chance to see a lot of this work, so try and make it down. Hope to see you there”


James Johnston, Stash Gallery, East London, August 2019

4: Charlotte Edey: Echolocation at Public Gallery, 17 Amhurst Terrace, London, E8 2BT Opening night Wednesday September 4th, and then until September 28th – Now we all know textiles are cool, cross-stitching is cool, weaving is cool, pieces of fabric are cool, this show looks like it might be worth a moment. The London-based artist Charlotte Edey’s new exhibition, Echolocation, features drawings, silks and hand-embroidered tapestries. “Join us on Wednesday 4th September from 6.30pm for the Private View of Echolocation , Charlotte Edey’s debut solo exhibition. Echolocation, reveals a new series of work spanning drawing, embroidery, woven tapestry and silk georgettes. These new works build and expand on themes that have interested Edey throughout her career – identity, spirituality and femininity – in order to explore how we navigate our environment. Charlotte Edey (b. 1992) is an artist working across print, tapestry and embroidery. Her work explores identity, spirituality and the politics of space within feminine and uncanny scenes. Following her Foundation year at Chelsea School of Art in 2011, her work has been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Flowers Gallery, TJ Boulting, The Arnolfini as well as galleries across the USA, Russia and Europe. In 2018 Edey was selected for the Artist of The Day exhibition at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street”.


Charlotte Edey

5: Norman Ackroyd –  “Reading the Landscape” at Eames Fine Art Gallery, 58 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UD – Now these five things are in no particular order but I no intention of hiding the fact that Norman Ackroyd is one of my favourite artists and if this was a yop five then then this would be up at the top and the show we’re most looking forward to this week. The preview with the artist is on Wednesday 4 September 6.00pm – 8.30pm (you need to RSVP: info at, the show then continues from the 5th until the 29th September

” Here’s what the gallery has to say: The notion of ‘place’ is at the heart of Norman Ackroyd’s art. This feeling is tied not only to the aesthetic environment but also the histories and pasts linked to it. As one of the country’s most venerated living artists, Norman is known and admired for his intimate knowledge and understanding of the landscapes he depicts. Anyone who has enjoyed the pleasure of spending time with Norman will have their own stories about being enthralled by his enthusiasm and delight in the histories of the places he draws, paints and etches. Usually over a glass of wine, Norman will recount his own stories of exploration and sometimes treacherous journeys to these far-flung landscapes around the British Isles. Before long you will feel that you are experiencing the dappled sunlight through the trees at Burnham Beeches, hearing the crashing waves at St. Kilda whilst feeling the sea-spray on your face and the choppy seas which must be navigated to reach the perfect view so that Norman might pause for a few minutes and capture the essence of these scenes with his watercolours in the sketchbooks he always carries in the deep pockets of his coat.

One of his great pleasures, Norman says, is to revisit many of the landscapes he’s enjoyed, to recapture the places in a new body of work. He first visited Blacksod in County Mayo, Ireland in 2000 and created one of our favourite box-sets of etchings around it. He returned to Blacksod again this Summer and has already produced a stunning series of etchings and watercolours which we look forward to showing alongside his works from nearly 20 years ago. We’ll also be launching the new works from Norman’s 2019 box-set: Reading the Landscape in which he revisits a different selection of his favourite locations. Alongside each etching Norman has written a short history or story of the landscape, some of these pieces of writing are factual, some are anecdotal and some are personal stories about Norman’s visit to the special place. Each work with the writing brings the landscape to life in a new and intimate way, allowing us to quite literally read the landscape through the eyes of Norman Ackroyd”.

Read a previous Organ review from 2017 here – ORGAN THING: Norman Ackroyd opens at Eames Fine Art, Bermondsey, and of course the show is wonderful, of course it is…


Norman Ackroyd – Bluecove Skellig

Also coming up..,

The Most Powerful Woman in the Universe, Private view, opening nighr, or whatever you want to call it. is  Thursday 5th September, 6pm-9pm, Gallery 46, Ashfield Street, Whiteshapel London, E1 2AJ, a show featuring Nancy Fouts, Nina Mae Fowler, Kelly-Anne Davitt, Sara Pope, Salena Godden, Bex Massey, Hanne Jo Kemfor and Clancy Gebler Davies.  A group show featuring “painting, sculpture, installation, photography and film exploring the power of art and femininity. The show features eight strong contemporary women artists, all diverse in practice and at varying stages in their career. There is a strong, feisty, feminist theme running throughout the work”. The exhibition then runs until September 28th. Opening times: Wednesday – Saturday 1pm – 6pm.

Our old friend My Dog Sighs is at Nelly Duff, Columbia Road on November the 8th, more on that closer to the date

’Miss Bugs – Do No Harm at Jealous North – 5th-29th September – Do No Harm’ showcases the latest works from mixed media artist Miss Bugs, an exhibition which has already proved a big success at Jealous East and is due to make it’s final appearance in Jealous North this week. Featuring over 200 resin cast lollies in vibrant colours, each filled with a range of pharmaceutical contents, the artist duo explores the hidden rotten core within digital culture and social media. After the huge success of the Shoreditch-based debut, the exhibition travels to Jealous North for it’s final installment, bringing a very limited number of lollies to Crouch End, each available on a first come first served basis. This exhibition will also feature an exclusive large, intricate resin piece which Miss Bugs have become synonymous for, in their iconic style. ‘Do No Harm’ will run from 5th-29th September at Jealous North, 27 Park Road, London, N8 8TE.






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