ORGAN PREVIEW: Seaside art treats, the Folkestone Triennial is almost upon us again, it all starts this Saturday morning, a pony for a pony…


THE FOLKESTONE TRIENNIAL is almost upon us again, happening for a fourth time down on the Kent coast this coming  weekend, the much anticipated art festival runs from 2nd September until 5th September    All kinds of things look to be happening in Folkestone this weekend with the Triennial, the Fringe and of course the Folkestone leg of this year’s Art Car Boot Fair. The Triennial itself features and exciting line-up of artists including Studio Ben Allen, Rigo 23, Sol Calero, Michael Craig-Martin, Diane Dever and The Decorators, Antony Gormley, Alex Hartley, Lubaina Himid, Emily Peasgood, Amalia Pica, Marc Schmitz + Dolgor Ser-Od, David Shrigley, Bob and Roberta Smith, Sinta Tantra, Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas, HoyCheong Wong, Gary Woodley, Bill Woodrow, Richard Woods, Jonathan Wright, last time in 2014 it was alive with art and atmosphere, with engagement and excitement (and gold on the beach), Looks like there’s going to be lots and lots of art to explore all over the town, the harbour front and the beach area…


The  official launch happens at 10am at The Old High Street, on Saturday 2 September at 10am –  “This year’s exhibition, featuring outdoor artworks by 20 international artists, begins with the official launch on Saturday 2 September at 10am. The event will take place at the bottom of The Old High Street just outside Bob and Roberta Smith’s FOLKESTONE IS AN ART SCHOOL Open Space at 3 – 7 Tontine Street. The launch will be presented by Creative Foundation Chief Executive Alastair Upton and will feature special guest speakers, including Folkestone Triennial curator, Lewis Biggs”.


BOB AND ROBERTA SMITH – Folkestone is an art school.

Following on from this year’s very successful London leg, the  Art Car Boot Fair heads off to the seaside again. Each year the Art Car Boot Fair follows the main London event by taking to the road. In past years the destination has been to Liverpool, Hastings, Margate, this year the fair return to Folkstone for the opening day of the always excellent Folkestone Triennial. It all happens on the seafront at Folkestone Harbour Arm, Midday until 4pm on Saturday September 2nd. 


“The Folkestone Art Car Boot Fair Line-up: Gavin Turk, Geraldine Swayne, Sir Peter Blake, Marcus Harvey, Kristjana Williams, Ben Eine, Vic Reeves, Nina Fowler, Kate Knight, David Edmond, Jake Clarke, Keeler Tornero, Edy Ferguson, True Rocks and Bip Ling, Ian Dawson, Wildcat Will, Sophy Rickett, Paul Sakoilsky, Cate Halpin & Outside World Allstars, Binnie Sisters, Wilma Johnson, Carrie Reichardt, Christian Furr, Richard Clegg, Mark Jones, Cliff Pearcey, Laura New, Dion Kitson, Schoony, Joseph Gibson, Matt Rowe, Paul Hodgson, James Joyce, Jason Gibilaro, Jake Clarke, Kelly Ann Davitt, Kelvin Pawsey, Bayle Window, Julie Maddison, Leigh Clarke, X Ray Fog, Alteria Art with Jake & Dinos Chapman, Art on a Postcard, Jealous Gallery with Charming Baker, Jess Albarn, Joe Webb & Anka Dabrowska, Cultivate with Sean Worrall, Emma Harvey and Quiet British Accent, Moniker Projects with Ben Eine and Luke Cheuh, Worton Hall Studios, Smithson Gallery with Frea Buckler, Flying Leaps, Renaissance Selfies, ARTourists, Turps Painters, The Chip Shop Group with Vincent Lloyd, Sam Millen, Kester Hackney, Leigh Mulley, Dave Boughton, The Amorist, Kin Art with Swifty, Beamish McGlue, Bean About Town, Nats Chaff Micro-Pub, Clifford Slapper, Bathtub & Gun PLUS!!! Some special on the day surprises!!!”


The second (and very definitely final according to the artist) part of the Ponies Against Patriarchy series of small canvas paintings created by Emma Harvey especially for the 2017 Art Car Boot Fair will be making their way to Folkestone this Saturday. The first of the individual paintings appeared for the London leg of the fair, they sold out extremely quickly, the second set have been painted for Folkestone and like the Art Tarts and Ice Creams of past Art Car Boot Fair years, once they’ve gone then the artist says that is it.  A pony for a pony (that’s £25 each to you and me)


Here’s some previous coverage in terms of what Bob and Roberta Smith is doing down by the sea…

ORGAN THING: Folkestone is an art school, what is artist Bob and Roberta Smith doing today?

What is artist Bob and Roberta Smith doing today? We meant to ask this question the other day, other things we meant to mention the other day  include International Women’s Day then, well it was yesterday, (or the day before new, we’re busy here) we were busy doing things over at Resonance, a Women’s Day…


And from 2014…

ORGAN THINGS: The Folkestone Art Car Boot Fair, the goldrush, the Triennial, the Fringe, me and Yoko Ono and…

Sunday Sunday, it has been an interesting week, not much time for sleeping… Yesterday was all about a day trip on the train with bags full of art and a visit to the Folkestone seaside where the Folkestone Triennial as well as the Folkestone Fringe are currently taking place.  The Fringe yesterday included the third…


A £1 Sean Worrall piece sold at the 2014 Art Car Boot Fair


That 2014 Gold hunt and an ArtDrop piece….


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