ORGAN PREVIEW: Last London, a Purge Day Out with Iain Sinclair, Michael Moorcock…

Let-The-Mice-In1-copy-1170x655 is a Liberated Film banner producing cassettes, condoms and pirate DVDs. Liberated Film challenges conventional definitions of film to include readings, music, discussion and expanded image. In its first official ‘day out’, presents The Last London, a cross-media explosion of counter-cultural creativity.

Featuring a rare appearance from writer Michael Moorcock in conversation with Iain Sinclair, who will launch his latest novel, The Last London; a post-cinema intervention by filmmaker Chris Petit; the debut UK performance of the Frans Zwartjes Sound System (the experimental film-music trio of Mukai / Kilcoyne / Schtinter); Stanley Schtinter’s endless bardo on artist and writer Brion Gysin; a screen of first-kisses by Samira Elagoz; 16mm invocations Cilaos and La Bouche by Camilo Restrepo; the ‘hysterical episodes’ of filmmaker Susu Laroche (Chaos Rule Us); readings by Adelle Stripe, author of Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile, and Iphgenia Baal, author of Merced Es Benz.

All artists are present for this event and free protective sleeves are available for ticket holders. More details

Previous Iain Sinclair coverage via Organ…   Organ: This week’s secretive underground art thing (that’s not in use), and author Iain Sinclair on East London’s primitive cave system…  The next station is Hoxton…. primitive cave system….rivers…cockiness…. deep breath…. what is left.   Cockroach in a landscape, creeping about….  rather good interview by John Rodgers with the ever stimulating Iain Sinclair here…   it is completely upside down, just waiting on the next major developer… Meanwhile in the rubble of the developers, things are…




Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix ‘Dude’s Dream’ with video slide-show from Dodgy Wiring Productions. Music from the album ‘New World’s Fair’ originally released in 1975.

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