ORGAN THING: Life, Popular Music, Life is Life, a slice of urgent Life from Hull…


Roll over, roll over, Sugar Gods, that band’s got style, no time for life, life is too busy, what with all the forks in the road and everything else going on at the seaside right now, and anyway, we’re not here as part of your latest PR campaign and all your  wait until Thursday, we got somewhere more important to post it first nonsence, cut the crap, here’s a slice or two of Life, good music still cuts through it all.

That band got style, Life, as Laibach once pointed out in that stylishly a co-opted way that they do, is life. This Life, (is this the life?) This Life are from Hull, they’ve graced these pages before, they from that City of Culture known as Hull, they have a debut album on the way, here’s a taster track in the form of a You Tube video thing and a man in the back of a car. The track might not quite have the instant edge of Euromillons (the track previously featured on these pages) but it is more evidence of something rather good brewing up up there in Hull, give it a play, give it a second play, they get you second time around, listen to it twice, that’s what I’d do, shopping’s ironic, get the right price, all in your hands…

Taken from Life‘s debut album Popular Music, here’s another taste, a lot more of a taste actually, here you go, several slices of life, the bonus king as it were, is this the life? So this is a week late, life works like that, that band’s got style. it was Euromillions that orginally grabbed us….

“Euromillions is the four-piece at their aggressive, politically charged best; a no nonsense, bass driven track that sticks two fingers up to the alt-right movement and the new world order. The song sees front man Mez and his kid brother Mick sharing vocal duties. Mez and Mick’s cutting lyrics and wordplay are firmly in check throughout, with Mick spitting this standout line twice to hammer his point home: .Euromillions will feature on Life’s as-yet-untitled debut album, recorded recently in London with Grammy winning producer and confidante Ian Dowling. The album is set for release early summer, ahead of Life’s busy festival season and in the year the band’s pride and joy, their hometown Hull, thrives as the official UK city of culture”.


More of this when we have time, art first, music sucked the life out of us ages ago, it took everything…. paint to throw, got to go….


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