ORGAN: Your five recommend art things – David Walker at Lawrence Alkin Gallery, Gavin Turk in a skip, Evgeny Antufiev at Emalin, Women & the Law Collective, Charlie McFarley, vandal with Care…

Covering art is a blood sport, do it and well there was quite a long editorial here, but hey, who needs it? Here, should you want it, are five more things, a regular list of five imminent art events, five recomendations, five things we intend checking out. mostly London for that is where we curently are. People are forever asking us how they ca nfind out about these things, we try to recommend five things each week, we try, it is a blood sport…

David Walker

David Walker

1: David Walker at Lawrence Alkin Gallery – Half A World Passed Me By – Berlin-based artist David Walker will unveil a brand new body of work at London’s Lawrence Alkin Gallery. Featuring several ‘firsts’ for the artist predominately known for his large-scale female portraits, ‘Half A World Passed Me By’ includes works of both female and male sitters. The show includes figurative works, studies and sketches, and Walker will introduce a series of text-based paintings featuring his own writing as well as collaborations with German graffiti artists turned contemporary painters, Base 23 and Mina and Berlin based multidisciplinary artist Yuli Gates. The show sees the introduction of brushes, acrylics and new techniques, as previous works were made exclusively freehand with spray paint. The show title ‘Half A World Passed Me By’ contains various personal references, in keeping with this new body of work. WaIker explains: “I have been completely blind in my right eye since birth. It’s not common knowledge as I didn’t want it to be used it as a USP for my work. I also turned 40 last year, coinciding with one of the most difficult periods in my life for many reasons. In the aftermath, I feel far more fearless as a person and artist and far more comfortable to invite people further into my world.” The show opens at Lawrence Alkin Gallery, 42 New Compton Street, London, WC2H 8DA on November 16th and runs until December 9th. There’s a Facebook event page here for those who need such things


2: Gavin Turk – Skip Gallery presents Gavin Turk / Transubstantiation – “Skip Gallery have announced their latest collaboration with renowned artist Gavin Turk, whose work Transubstantiation has provided a special tasty treat for the Skip team” so they say (all this cutting and pasting, I should put a red hat to do this), “Turk’s piece, Transubstantiation provides viewers with a comical expression of the Skip Gallery ethos, a humorous commentary on consumerism that will be launched in Hoxton Square on Thursday 16th November. Known for his subversive sculptural works that question artistic identity and authorship, Turk brings his classic style to the pop up gallery, questioning the very nature of a skip as a place to dispose of rubbish, and our relationship to what we choose to throw away. Catherine Borowski says “Skip Gallery’s latest installation with YBA artist Gavin Turk is an exciting collaboration that takes an ironic look at the old adage that ‘modern art is a load of rubbish’. Turk’s piece is a reminder of the mundane everyday taken to its limit by its placement in the context of a gallery space.” For this installation, Skip Gallery will return to its inaugural space in the car parking space opposite 19 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB, a site that is fitting for Turk’s collaboration, who exhibited The Golden Thread (a series of casts of black refuse bags) in the now closed down White Cube Hoxton Square over a decade ago. “Skip Gallery is going from strength to strength, from home-grown installations to low fi works by David Shrigley, the team behind Skip Gallery continue to surprise, amuse and inspire with their varied presentations and collaborations”.

Skip Gallery presents Gavin Turk. Location: In the parking space opposite 19 Hoxton Square, N1 6PB. Private View: Thursday 16th November 6-8pm Opening: and then 17th Nov 2017 – 26th Nov 2017


3  Evgeny Antufiev at Emalin Gallery – With a copper mask in one hand and a vase full of secrets in the other, my body will rest in a sarcophagus guarded by twelve specially trained monsters” Fresh from his triumph and that mouth at Frieze (scroll down this very page for a recap), Evgeny Antufiev has a show, curated by Marina Dacci, at East London’s always interesting Emalin Gallery.


Evgeny Antufiev (b. 1986 in Kyzyl, Russia) lives and works in Moscow, Russia. He graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Art, Moscow in 2009, winning the ‘Kandinsky Prize for the Young Artist: Project of the Year’ during his studies. Selected exhibitions include Organic resistance: body and knife – crossing the border, MOSTYN Museum (Llandudno, UK. November 2017); Immortality Forever, M HKA – Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium. 2017); Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art, Garage (Moscow, Russia. 2017); Cabaret Kultura, with V-A-C Live, performance at Whitechapel Gallery (London, UK. 2017); Eternal garden, Manifesta 11 (Zurich, Switzerland. 2016); Twelve, wood, dolphin, knife, bowl, mask, crystal, bones and marble – fusion. Exploring materials, Collezione Maramotti (Reggio Emilia, Italy. 2013); Garden of Eden, Palais de Tokyo (Paris, France. 2012); Ostalgia, New Museum (New York, USA. 2011).

Since 2006, Marina Dacci has been the Director of the Collezione Maramotti in Reggio Emilia, Italy. She also acts as the General Coordinator of the first edition of the annual European Week of Photography (Fotografia Europea). Prior to her position at Collezione Maramotti, she was Head of Office at the public Culture City Office of Reggio Emilia. In 2013, she curated Evgeny Antufiev’s first institutional solo exhibition in Europe at Collezione Maramotti, Twelve, wood, dolphin, knife, bowl, mask, crystal, bones and marble – fusion. Exploring materials. Dacci graduated from the University of Parma with a degree in Literature, Art and Education.

Opening night is Wednesday, November 22, 6-9pm, the exhibition then runs from November 23rd to December 21st, 2017. Emalin is found at Unit 4 Huntingdon Estate, Bethnal Green Rd. London, E1 6JU, you find the space over the street from Shoreditch overground station and that dreadful Boxpark hell, hiding there in plain sight in a very boring looking box of a building with no hint of a sign and a whole mess of graff on the front…. here’s the Facebook event page


Emalin Gallery, Shoreditch, East London, Oct 2017, not that you’d know it was there….

A bit of Emalin and Evgeny at this year’s Frieze from one of the pieces we wrote during the event… “Emalin Gallery‘s mouth has a bit of wit about it, as does the semi-playful ceramic work of Moscow-based Russian artist Evgeny Antufeiev – Emalin are one of the more rewarding of the current signless London galleries (there’s a rather interesting Nicholas Cheveldave show in their Shoreditch space right now if you can work out where the actual door t othe gallery is, they also put that brilliant kembra Pfahlar show last year)


Apparently it is important that we know the artist is from somewhere called Kyzyl (in the Tuva Republic) and not from the big city of Moscow. that he carves wood, boils bones, hides in the woods (he’s rather like those Liars) there’s all kinds of symbolic significance, fantastical narratives, oddities, you’re not quite sure if he’s playing with you or not, bits of shamanic playfulness (was it playfulness?), is he paying with us? Apparently Kyzyl is located exactly in the geographical center of Asia.

While every other gallery and artist in the vast Frieze pavilion is intent of being deadly serious, to view Antufiev’s very tactile work – objects made of metal, wood, ceramics, textiles, bone and who know what else – to view his work you need to walk through the mouth of a giant cardboard monster he’s constructed to separate himself from the rest of the fair.  He’s back at Emalin, here in East London, there’s a solo show in November, and he’s off to the Mostyn in North Wales as well, wonder what they’ll make of his monsters there?”


4: Time And Time Again: Cinenova and Women & the Law Collective – “An exhibition, presented by Cinenova, of three videos produced by Women & the Law Collective in 1986. These will be shown alongside a programme of talks and screenings exploring the potential for film as a collective tool against state systems of oppression and discrimination”.

“Cinenova is a volunteer run feminist film and video distributor currently based at LUX, Waterlow Park. Across the four weeks Cinenova will exhibit three films attributed to Women & the Law Collective: Time and Time Again with Nina Ward, Women in Prison & the Black Female Prisoner’s Scheme, Who Takes the Rap – Immigration with Lai Ngan Walsh and The Life and Hard Times of Susie P Winklepicker with Deborah Hall. This incredible body of work, all produced in the space of one year, explored the state of the UK legal system and its means of control through prisons, immigration law and forced economic dependency to maintain race, class, and gender hierarchies. The films will each be shown for one week each in the exhibition space (see timings below) outside of this the works can be viewed on a monitor in the LUX library. Starting from the act of exhibiting the three films as a working process that aims to join up with conversations taking place in the UK today, we ask how these collective projects can be used in response to, and alongside, renewed calls for fundamental change? The exhibition will include a programme of public events and meetings that relate to both specific and wider topics: the closing down of HM Prison Holloway and those fighting for the 8-acre site to be used for collective good, the work and resistance around the prison industrial complex, UK detention centres and the continuing alterations to the British welfare state. In addition Cinenova will present related ephemera, archival materials and films from the Cinenova collection connected to the issues at stake”.

The opening is on 19th Nov 2017 (14:00 – 16:00) and the event then runs from 19 Nov 2017 – 16 Dec 2017. Lux can be found at Waterlow Park Centre, Dartmouth Park Hill, London, N19 5JF


5: Charlie McFarley and Tacot at The Underdog Gallery – The Underdog Gallery say they are “proud to present Vandal With Care, featuring artists Charlie McFarley and Tacot. Please join us at the opening, for a showcase of exciting new works including paintings, sculpture and installation. Opening Night – Friday 17th November 6pm – 10pm with after show party till 1am. Free entry all night. The show runs until 26th November.

“Vandal With Care is a satirical view of contemporary consumerism and the consumption of things, the work is a direct reflection of our appetite for junk food, TV, technology, clothing and literature, where designed obsolescence is part of our culture and readily accepted. There is a concentration on food iconology which is a direct metaphor to our ravenous consumption of things with no substance or sustenance. A reminder that we need to feed our souls as well as our stomachs. Charlie McFarley’s work is the perfect example of the artist working as a vandal. Disrupting the wonderful world of children’s cartoon art and forcing the viewer into a landscape of intricately painted nightmares and sculptures that seem to smile back at you… Truly visceral in their impact the artwork reveals the troubled vision of adult life seen through a child’s eye. Tacot is an enigma in the modern art scene, moving seamlessly through genres and concepts, connecting artworks to convey a strong message to raise questions and spark the imagination of the viewer. Never one to shy from a challenging topic expect a smack in the face and two fingers up to convention and modern culture”.


Charlie McFarley, drive by…

The Underdog Gallery is at Arch 6, Crucifix Lane, London Bridge, London, SE1 3JW. A 3 minute walk from London Bridge Station – leave via The Shard exit and turn left, The Underdog is approx. 400 meters on the left, just past the traffic lights. Once again there’s a Facebook event page for those who want their lives run by that all seeing organisation

5: Secret Postcard Show, Folkestone – And while we’re here, what the hell is a trophy work? What kind of world is this? “A unique trophy work” is how that Leonardo that sold for four hundred million dollars last night was described on the radio just now. Do get along to that “secret” postcard show today if you’re in the area, getting cold out there, the “secret” pieces of artwork are all on sale at £30 each, who knows who painted them, go grab a trophy for a little less that four hundred million, the radio just said that four hundred million dollars really wasn’t that much, do go have a look at those postcards, the money from the sales goes to support a homeless shelter there in Folkestone, get some people inside out of the cold and off the streets for Christmas…  

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