ORGAN THING: The Richard Woods ‘floating house’ is to become part of the triennial’s Folkestone permanent collection and stay in the harbour…


Richard Woods and his studio people have announced via their Instagram feed that they “are delighted to announce that the ‘floating house’ from the ‘holiday Home’ project at Folkestone triennial will become part of the triennial’s permanent collection and will be staying in Folkestone harbour.”

The Floating house was one of the stand out pieces in what was a rather successful 2017 Folkestone Triennial, one of several “Holiday Home” pieces from Richard Woods that engaged with the fishing town during the year.  Back in the summer as part of the first of several Organ pieces on the Triennial we said “the colourful houses are striking, they’re making some kind of point about second homes, about developers and estate agents – they do make for great Instagram images and a focus of attention for the whole event – the inconvenience of a holiday home? The lack of respect for the residents and the space invaded? The market inflated? Or maybe just an amusing bit of three-dimensional pop art installation? Guess you can’t help but like those houses can you? They’re fun, they look great, they’re colourful, they’re engaging….”  With the recent plans for the development of the Harbour Arm and the seafront that house floating in the harbour might just be even more relevant in 2018…  (sw)

Read more on Folkestone in 2017 here

Click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show


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