ORGAN THING: We spy new houses from Richard Wood, ‘Small, Medium, Large’ is of the Wander public art project…

We spy new houses from Richard Wood, “And it’s officially open! Come and see ‘Small, Medium, Large’ on Lower Grosvenor square” – the sculpture is part oF the Wander public art project that’s currently happening in the Mayfair area of London. Can a piece of outdoor art be “open”? Surely the piece is just there?

“Spanning the neighbourhoods of Mayfair and Belgravia, Wander Art showcases some of the most exciting and innovative outdoor art installations from 12 world renowned artists. The Wander Art trail is a unique way to explore and enjoy London outdoors”.


ORGAN THING: Richard Woods in Skip Gallery’s skip, things found in skips and things, art drops and…

ORGAN THING: The Richard Woods ‘floating house’ is to become part of the triennial’s Folkestone permanent collection and stay in the harbour…

ORGAN: Five more recommended art things: David de la Mano at Hang-Up, Pussy Riot, Richard Woods at Chelsea Space, Interstices at Stour Space, Same Same but Different at Guest Projects…

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