ORGAN THING: Richard Woods in Skip Gallery’s skip, things found in skips and things, art drops and…

The latest skip full of art from Skip Gallery opened last night in Hoxton Square (does a skip open?), the latest in a series of art shows in a skip on the street in the East London square


RICHARD WOODS – “UPGRADE” runs at Skip Gallery until June 30th in the parking space opposite, 19 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB – “A month-long site-specific installation that engages with issues of housing and urban regeneration” another of those now instantly recognisable houses from Richard Woods. “Like Woods’ contribution to the 2017 Folkestone Triennial, Upgrade uses the form of a graphic three-dimensional caricature of a house to bring a fresh perspective to its urban location.


‘I had been filling a skip with all the leftover material that we had used to build the Holiday Homes on the Folkestone Harbour Arm, and it struck me how potent an image it made – having bits of window or chimney poking out of the skip. In the studio, we chatted about whether it would be possible to expand the idea and make it into an object – and then out of the blue Lee emailed and introduced the project. We quickly realised we’d both had the same idea. It was the easiest pitch I have ever had to make…’ – Richard Woods, Artist



#365ArtDrop18 Part 72, May 2018 – SW

Meanwhile, talking of skips, the year-long art piece that is #365ArtDrop18 thing goes on, a series of 365 paintings that started on January 1st, 365 paintings all on found recycled material found in East London skips, found thrown away and left on the street, things unwanted and discarded, things picked up, cleaned up, recycled, painted on and then left back out on the street, hanging on walls, left hanging for people to take goes on, more about the year long piece via this very helpful link

#365ArtDrop18 Part 65 TO 79, May 2018 – Click on an inage to enlarge or t orun the slide show




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