ORGAN THING: Bob and Roberta Smith gives 13 minutes to the Resonance fundraiser…


Resonance FM is without a doubt one of the finest radio stations in the world, a unique radio station, an arts radio station broadcasting on FM radio here in London and around the glove via,  The 24 hour seven day a week broadcast schedule is rum almost entirely by volunteer program makers and broadcasters. dedicate who commit time and who pay all their expenses out of their own pockets, people give their time to make and present the excellent content, but a radio station needs money, there are always bills, the electricity bill is massive, and this year, on top of everything else, the developers are closing in again and the radio station is having to move its station premises this year, The aim is to raise £100,000 from this year’s fundraiser week. There are many events going on right now so, as they say,  please visit to find out more, there’s on-line auctions, live performance events, fund raising gigs and well, your radio station needs your support….


We already brought you news of the This Is Not This Heat Resonance FM benefit gig at Cafe Oto = ORGAN PREVIEW: This Is Not This Heat to play a Resonance FM benefit at London’s Cafe Oto…

The This Heat gig happens this week, February 10th, the show is one of many happening around London town. Another strand out event is the Club Integral Resonance Benefit Gala that happens this Thursday February 8th – “Our annual benefit for the greatest radio station in the world featuring 13 minute sets from 13 acts.  Entry £7/5 (but feel free to donate more – all profits go to Resonance FM)”. The bill features thirteen minute sets from Swordfish, Robin The Fog, Glowering Figs, Bob Drake, Bob and Roberta Smith & The Apathy Band, Spizz, The No Frills Band, James O’Sullivan, St Moritz, Neil Luck, Strayaway Child, Two Horns. The event takes place at I K L E C T I K, ‘Old Paradise Yard’ 20 Carlisle Lane, London, SE1 7LG, The Facebook event page will give you more details and updates


Bob and Roberta Smith

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