ORGAN THING: Where is the art? Where is the heart? Is Marisa Carnesky Menstruating Together In Theatres and Tents and Other Unlikely Locations the thing to excite…

Where is the art? Where is the heart?  Are we slipping? Do we care? Almost a week since we last wrote about a painting or a performance or an exciting piece of art, a little longer since we last wrote about a actual show we had been to. We are still going and checking out shows, we are still committed to it all and let’s be frank here, there’s no one else really getting out there and mining at the coalface is there? Sure there’s the websites that tell you what this or that big name is doing down Newport Street, or what’s going on at some big art fair in New York of Basel, I don’t see anyone much getting out regularly to the backstreet galleries of East London for the semi skimmed shows of Shoreditch or the new art projects in the basements of Hackney, the things happening in tunnels under Waterloo. We are getting out there, we are going to shows, we are checking out openings over on Herald Street, we are getting down to Bermondsey. we’re watching the White Cube or the White Cubicle or that damn place where State magazine are busy ignoring everything in that oh so formal and correct and proper way things must be done in the very formal word of art. We see White Cubical have an opening coming up, a Francis Drayson show that opens at the Queen Adelaide on the Hackney Road on May 10th, maybe that will ignite us?


Francis Drayson

Apparently “Drayson uses sculpture, installation and drawing to inhabit archetypal forms, symbols and images found in historical and contemporary Western culture. The formal languages of minimalist art, folkloric imagery, music subcultures and fashion are contrasted and contaminated to build an idiosyncratic, bodily presence”, but then do you want to read all this here? Do you artists, curators, gallery people and such actually want any of this coverage? Do you want more than your old art school mates to come have a look or are you happy with just congratulating each other and going to each other’s openings? 

We could write another Five Art Things piece, I mean, there are always things happening, Marisa Carnesky is doing things this week for instance – “Menstruating Together In Theatres and Tents and Other Unlikely Locations” – Live artist Marisa Carnesky explores how the practice as research performance project Incredible Bleeding Woman came together and the process involved behind the show. Themes of menstrual synchronicity, re-inventing menstrual rituals and popular cultural representations of menstruation in horror film will be explored. In this lecture Marisa will also show footage from the performance project including new original films of performers from the work and tell stories of the experience of touring, running workshops and presenting versions of the work in London, Croatia, Finland, Australia and Scotland and talk about the future plans of the project – Marisa and company are menstruating at 14 Taviton Street, London, WC1H 0BW , on Tuesday evening May 1st, you passed the link for the Facebook event page a few lines back///


Radical Anthropology Group, ‎Menstruating Together this week

We could be writing about the big shows, we do here and there, we could write about the rather impressive (of course it is) Wim Wenders exhibition at Blain|Southern right now – we are out there, there’s really little point in us covering a Wim Wenders show though?  We’re here to focus on the underculture, the small shows that excite us, the things the mainstream art press choose to not bother with even when they are exciting. We’re about the artists doing it themselves, the small galleries on the edge of things (in more ways than one). We are out there looking, exploring, art dropping – three six five days a year, we’re out seeing what happening amongst the cultural cleansing and the destruction of communities over in Hackney Wick, we’re forever dropping into galleries, there aren’t many days that we don’t…


A #365ArtDrop18 painting left hanging in the Wick last weekend

We are out there, we’re in galleries, at openings, on the street, we’re out there but nothing is really truly exciting us. Our in-boxes are full of press releases from art galleries, how many more prints of skulls or Bowie or people holding on to balloons can there be? Actully we get more press releases from overseas galleries, most London galleries are lazy and just assume everyone who needs to knows, heaven forbid the general public might want to come! And how many more tediously repeated paste ups are you going to paste over decent bits of painted street art?  Truth is, the art has been rather like the weather so far this year, we’re not really seeing that much to get us excited enough to write about it, we’re not seeing those really exciting things than make us want to write and shot and rave and drool, not really seen that much so far this year than makes me want to shout about it on these fractured (and probably rather pointless) pages. There was that Lennie Lee show, Lennie Lee’s Broken Heart, a really must see art show in an Edwardian flat in East London… or Eva Rothschild’s Iceburg Hits, a show I;ve been back to several times now just to walk around that one piece, there was the Danny Pockets, Houses of The Holy celebration, there have been good shows, excellent shows, does rather feel, like the weather, the London art scent hasn’t really taken off this year yet, maybe this week? See you out there   (sw)


Eva Rothschild – Iceberg Hits, Modern Art, Vyner St, London, March 2018

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