ORGAN THING: Black Doldrums, KÁRYYN, Thurston Moore and a last chance to catch those excellent Sean Scully paintings at Blain/Southern…


Five musical things? We haven’t done one of those Five musical thing to check out thing for ages, well I haven’t , it is pretty much down to me now, it is a dirty job, someone has to do though, caring about those Garbage Pale Kids that no one loves and such. Shall we do it? Five? A couple of things have caught ears around here today, there are days when nothing much does, days when we get caught in the black doldrums and thing about hitting the whole writing about music thing on the head, but then if we do who’s going to bother writing about things like that beautiful new John Greaves album, or for that matter play it on the radio. You recommended five then, five slice of music that have passed this way in the last couple of days, five things worth sharing, five things in no particular order, five musical things you might like to check out…

1: BLACK DOLDRUMS – The new video for a rather fine Black Doldrums track called ‘There Is No Eye’ has just been let loose, the track is lead track from the band’s EP ‘Sad Paradise’, the EP is due to be released on the reather respected Club AC30 label this November, We could write some wordy words about it and talk of early Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or things swirling in the darkest of colourful ways but hey, you don’t need words, all you need is the piece of music and the information that can be sound underneath the video.


“London’s duo Black Doldrums are renowned for delivering multiple layers of echo-drenched guitar and heavy relentless drums, creating their transient and euphoric dark shoegaze and continuing to astonish audiences. The band recently announcing the signing of a record deal with Club AC30, effects-laden singer-guitarist Kevin Gibbard, anchored by the powerful precision of drummer Sophia Lacroix, will be releasing their ‘Sad Paradise’ 4 track EP later this year. The EP is co-produced by engineer James Aparicio whose credits include Spiritualized, Nick Cave and Depeche Mode.

‘Sad Paradise’, taken from the poem Allen Ginsberg gifted to Jack Kerouac “The Denver Doldrums”, is an expansive, completely collaborative piece of work. Gibbard tells us “With just the two of us, it’s a close relationship with its challenges. We don’t have a lot of people we can rely on and for creativity this can be both productive and destructive as well as rewarding due to the fact we both have something in common to work against. It’s us against them. Lyrically, I like to keep things simple and base each song around a theme as apposed to a specific subject. More a feeling than a story. In terms of composition, each song ends up being a journey as we like to experiment and push it as far as we can with just the two of us. Our whole approach is that a song should write itself.”

2: KÁRYYN – Multidisciplinary artist, composer and vocalist KÁRYYN has today shared ‘Quanta 11:11’, “a double-A side comprised of two singles, ‘SEGMENT & THE LINE’ and ‘TODAY, I READ YOUR LIFE STORY 11:11’, Alongside the release, KÁRYYN has announced her signing to Mute and the impending release of her debut album, due for release in the spring of next year, apparently the album is also called ‘Quanta 11:11. Is any of this making any sense? Oh look, multidisciplinary artist, composer and vocalist KÁRYYN has released a couple of tracks on line and announced she has an album coming out on Mute next year…


“In November of 2011, KÁRYYN returned to America after a trip to Aleppo to visit two dying relatives. Following a string of close deaths and personal traumas, KÁRYYN decided to leave her native LA to spend time living in seclusion in Cherry Valley, upstate New York in an attempt to process recent events. On the 11th of November and deep in a period of self-examination, KÁRYYN recorded a new song in a single, visceral take. That song, ‘TODAY, I READ YOUR LIFE STORY 11:11’ began a seven-year journey of self-discovery through music – The Quanta Series. Released in pairs over the last year, the eight tracks explore themes of familial legacy, grief, love, quantum physics and the impact humans have on each other. The series completes with today’s release and will form an album release in the new year. When this song came out of me, it came out in one go.” KÁRYYN likens the process of recording ‘TODAY, I READ YOUR LIFE STORY 11:11’ to delving deep into darkness in order to uncover the light. “Like a crow flying deep into the forest in order to bring out the jewels, I had to enter that darkness to discover the truth.” The single sets the tone for the full Quanta series, a heroine’s journey of self-discovery and sublimating past trauma. Second track ‘SEGMENT & THE LINE’ muses on impermanence and the reality of facing the consequences of our actions”.

3: THURSTON MOORE: Something from Thurston Moore, an album, Klangfarbenmelodie​.​. And The Colorist Strikes Primitiv, getting a first ever on vinyl, something originally released on CD only in New Zealand by the Dead C’s Bruce Russel’s label Corpus Hermeticum back in the day and now “edited” by Bruce Russell for this new Glass Modern release. It comes with new liner notes by Bruce Russel and is released 180 gsm Heavyweight White Vinyl, Here’, a taste via the Bandcamp thing, you’ll find all the details you need there…


Ah hell, three’s enough, there’s things to do, paint to throw, places to be, leaves to deal with…. Here’s a shot of that excellent Sean Scully show we reviewed a couple of weeks back, the show comes to an end this week, well worth seeing in the flesh if you get the chance. Sean Scully is at Blain/Southern until November 17th at 4 Hanover Square, London W1S 1BP. You don’t really need us covering music these days, art on the other hand,,,,


Sean Scully at Blain Southern, London, October 2018

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