ORGAN: Five pieces of art – Ida Ekblad, Rebecca Brodskis, Mark McGowan again, Ed Burke, Jenna Fox and a stripe or two from Sean Scully…

The Five Pieces of Art thing (again)? Well why not (again)? All this  art flowing past on various feeds or wrapped up in press releases or jumping off actual gallery walls or wrapping chips or passing on the side of those Whitechapel white vans. So we ask (again) why not five pieces of art every week or so? We do it with music, why not paintings? Why not art? Can you think of one good reason why not to (again)? Well besides the time involved and the this and the that and the dancing around a the latest Serpentine Pavilion, the 2021 Pavilion does look rather exciting, really need to get over there for a proper look at Sumayya Vally’s building, the photos leave a friendly first impression. Five pieces of art then, a semi regular feature, just five pieces of art that have passed our way in the last few days, nothing more (or less) than that., nothing to do with an upcoming show or anything else, just a simple, semi regular five pieces of art feature. How beautifully refreshing were those Julie Caves studies last time? Let’s do it again

Rebecca Brodskis – Le joueur d’échecs, 2021, Oil on linen, 100 x 80cm

1: Rebecca Brodskis – this painting just passed by one a social media feed – “Rebecca Brodskis’ portraits are the result of the slow, considered process of oil painting which requires the artist to wait for one layer of paint to dry before she can apply the next. As such her compositions are precise and graphical in style. She paints people she knows or passes by on the street, but rather than working with models or from photographs, each portrait is drawn from memory and assembled in a composition that often focuses around a specific colour and/or physical gesture. The works teeter between the familiar and the strange, the conscious and the unconscious worlds. For example, the painting entitled Le joueur d’échecs (The chess player) depicts a man with his hands clasped as he looks into the distance. Even without the implication of the title, we recognise this gesture as one of confidence and control, but at the same time, we get the sense of something being hidden or held back”.

Ida Ekblad

2: Ida Ekblad‘s painting is currently on show at the rather uninviting Herald Street gallery in Bethnal Green, East London. You’d never know there was a gallery there, not a hint of a sign, door always firmly closed, you feel like you’re disturbing them if you press the buzzer, like you’re an unwelcome inconvenience –  not really not what this page is about though, it might not have been the most exciting of shows but that is fine fine painting from the Oslo-based artist. A big painting, a bold painting I like the way it demand you stand there and follow the lined of colour while you find more and more in it  The piece is part of a show called Three Works that runs until 3rd July 2021, Herald St Gallery, 2 Herald St, London, E2 6JT.

3: Mark McGowan – again, and why not, that tree is rather beautiful, almost peaceful, peaceful is something I don’t associate with Mark. More pieces of peaceful and maybe not so peaceful art from the self-proclaimed Artist Taxi Driver here,. Do like that seagull as well, do like his simplicity. Featured twice in a row then, those newspaper covers are brilliant and the ones ge’s bone since the last feature are equally as vital…

5: Jenna Fox – “Disruption” at PROXY RCA, Sculpture 2021 show, do like the look of what we’ve seen of Jenna Fox so far, we did indeed try to get her invovled in the Saturation show but she was, reasonably enough, a little distracted with her RCA show that’s on right now. Do check her Instagram feed for updates

5: Ed Burkes – a Playmouth-based artist who passed our way on a social media feed a couple of days ago, it really is as simple as that on this page, see something, share something. I have no real idea in terms of who Ed is, not yet…

There you go, five pieces of art, we might do it again in a day or two.

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And while we’re here, Sean Scully hardly need support from us, he has had it, do like the Other Sean, can’t resist this phot oof his studio(!) that he posted on his feed a couple of days ago. “Sculptures with paintings in my Tappan studio.”

Previous Sean Scully

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Do, as always, click on an image to enlarge…

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