ORGAN: Five pieces of art – Misha Milovanovich’s flow, Gavin Turk’s piss sale, Melike, more from Lennie Lee Land, a Sean Scully stack and….


The Five Pieces of Art thing (again)? Well why not (again)? All this art flowing past on various feeds or wrapped up in press releases or jumping off actual gallery walls or wrapping chips or passing on the side of those Whitechapel white vans. So we ask (again) why not five pieces of art every week or so? Can you think of one good reason why not to (again)? Well besides the time involved and the this and the that and the dancing around.

Five pieces of art then, a semi regular feature, just five pieces of art that have passed our way in the last few days, nothing more (or less) than that., nothing really to do with an upcoming show or anything else (although maybe they are), just a simple, semi regular five pieces of art feature. Let’s do it again

1: GavinTurk and a (stolen) shot of his opening last Thursday night, lots more about what was going on here, you do have to smile (don’t you?), we didn’t go, I didn’t think there would be much to actually see, that it would essentially be just an art gathering, a piss up if you like, didn’t really feel the need to be there, have to admire the piece (and the sign outside), far from taking the piss. Long live art.

Misha Milovanovich – “Mica”

2: Misha Milovanovich, – been inteding to post this for a while, it got lost in the systen, not that we have a system in the studio here. Do like the flow of Misha’s art, do like the lines. “Playing with reality. Nothing you see here is real!!!! Super happy & excited to announce my collaboration with the mighty Known Origin Featuring MICA (Digital Version of the Real Sculpture). This sculpture is a digital version of the real sculpture made at Misha’s studio and placed in the virtual Gallery. Named after Misha’s Mum, Mica this is a first sculpture in the series of 10 unique digital sculptures celebrating female form. Characterised by vivid colour, optical movement and energetic visual cadences, Misha’s visual work fuses a diverse repertoire of images and forms. Misha weaves in symbolic elements of nature, such as birds, clouds, petals and structures from biology. In real life this sculpture is made of 10mm steel parts welded in a complex artistic and technical process. Each piece provides a different view of the whole and an almost cubist set of optical scenes emerge. Translating the three-dimensional world around her into flat colour and out lines, her own playful language and playing with the concepts of virtual reality and reality itself emerge”.

Misha Milovanovich

3 Melike is a multi-media artist from Turkey, Her work featured in a number of the Cultivate on-line shows that happened earlier this year. This piece is something that just went past on her social media – “2021, The Longest Summer”

44L Melike – “2021, The Longest Summer”

4: Lennie Lee – mostly known to us as a fine fine painter (and for the most colourful house in Hackney), has been making these rather delightful films, “Strange Daze” is what he says is “a dark, melancholic, avant-garde film short starring Lennie Lee edited by Geisha Davis.f”. You can find a number of his recent productions via his YouTube Channel

Previously on these pages – ORGAN THING: Lennie Lee’s Broken Heart, a really must see art show in an Edwardian flat in East London…

Lennie Lee Land

5: Sean Scully really needs no coverage from us, yeah, I know, we said that last time, do love listening him talk though, do love his painterly stripes, here’s a bit of Organ from 2018 – ORGAN: Frieze Week Part Two, avoiding the art fair madness? The excitement of those Sean Scully paintings at Blain/Southern, punchbags, red roads, goose feathers and a strong 21st Century Women show at Unit… and here’s a stolen image from his Instagram feed – image courtesy of Svetlana Ragina – he does like his Instagram feed.

“The question is are you wrapped rigidly in the cloth of your time or can you fly out of it?” – Sean Scully 

We often think of time as a linear notion, a line with a beginning, a middle, and an end. In his vivid paintings Sean Scully uses lines to dramatic effect, stacks of colour interlock and order each other, reconfiguring conceptions of space and time in vivid pigments. Transforming his oeuvre into three dimensions we find a tower at the heart of #Glasstress Window to the Future. A block of Murano glass that sits upon another, colour after colour after colour. These supposedly simple contrasts add up in the work of Sean Scully. Through glass, colour is given a body, a physical presence that sits with power outside of the painterly dimensions for which Scully is so well known. A dynamic world of perpendicular lines is softened by these shades somehow, enhanced, and renewed. A tower becomes more than simply the parts from which it is made, it becomes a collective force, a united identity. Time no longer feels like a simple line, here it has depth.

I expect we’ll do this five things thing again in a few days time when five more things have passed by on our social media feeds or when we’re out there, where ever out there is in these fractured days of not quite new normal. Sometimes the art comes to us…. ORGAN THING: Pop flavoured street artist Fat Cap Sprays hard at work in the Hackney Rain…

Fat Cap Sprays

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