ORGAN PREVIEW: Gavin Turk continues to take the piss with a new exhibition and talk this week…

A quick parish notice today, for taking the piss is important. actually no, there maybe a playful edge to what Gavin Turk has been doing recently, but taking the piss isn’t quite the right way to put it, this is a challenging piece of art.

“JOIN GAVIN TURK TO CELEBRATE & PURCHASE HIS NEW EDITION ARTIST’S PISS, 2021″ – This December following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Gavin Turk has created an exhibition to explore his new work, Artist’s Piss.

“Artist’s Piss, 2021 – In a playful homage to Piero Manzoni, who 60 years ago created one of the most radical and challenging modern artworks, Merda d’Artista. Manzoni put his own sh*t into tins and sold it for its equivalent weight in gold. Gavin Turk’s latest project is a response to this, canning his own urine and selling it for its weight in sliver.  Sealed in a specially screen printed aluminium can, with the text translations in 31 different languages, finished and hand signed with a foil seal. A limited edition body of work from the Artist’s own body.   The new edition of cans will be £250 each, so arrive early to avoid disappointment, perfect collectable or gift for the special someone who has almost everything”.

This all happens at the gallery known as 15 Bateman Street, you find it at , as you might have guessed, 15 Bateman Street, London, W1D 3AQ The Event details are here, an RSPV is required

There is also this on December 10th, a webinar discussion

Artist’s Piss – A Discussion, Collecting the Uncollectible & The State of Art Now Description Kate Bryan and Viktor Wynd in conversation with Gavin Turk about his newest artwork provocation – Artist’s Piss. The talk will look at the notion of value, waste, consumption, commodities & anthropology. More details

Gavin Turk Bio

Gavin Turk (b 1967) is a British born, international artist. He has pioneered many forms of contemporary British sculpture, including the painted bronze, the waxwork, the recycled art-historical icon and the use of waste in art. Turk’s Oeuvre deals with conversations of authorship and identity. Concerned with the ‘myth’ of the artist and the authenticity of a work.

Prestel published a monograph on Gavin Turk in 2013, showcasing more than two decades of his work and in 2014 Trolley Books published ‘This Is Not A Book About Gavin Turk’ which playfully explores themes associated with the artist’s work via thirty notable contributors.

Gavin Turk has been commissioned to create several large public sculptures including: Nail, a 12-meter eponymous sculpture at One New Change, next to St Paul’s cathedral, London, England. Axis Mundi (2017), an oversized painted bronze sculpture of a plug located in Paddington Basin, London. As well as L’Âge d’Or (2019), a large bronze open door permanently sited outside the Museum of Migration in Rotterdam.

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Gavin Turk at the Art Car Boot Fair…

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