ORGAN THING: Bikini Kill announce London show… Stop Press: How much are those tickets!?

Bikini Kill have confirmed their first London show in years and years, over 20 years so it says here. The show will take place at Brixton Academy on June 10, the band will play a one-off show in the UK following the recent announcement that they had reunited for a trio of live shows in the US. The London show, their first in the city in 23 years, has been confirmed as their only European date of 2019. The run of US and London dates across April, May and June will see Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail and Kathi Wilcox from the original line-up playing live alongside guitarist Erica Dawn Lyle. Tickets go on sale this Friday (February 22) so we’re told….

Hang on, stop press, £40 quid a ticket so someone has just told us, actually, that makes me quite angry, £40, really does suck big time, how very very very un punk rock, I wonder how many working class riot grrrl types can afford that?  Why are they reformikng, just for the cash?  Ticket prices are getting very very very silly, bands and their promoters and fat cat booking agents are getting very very greedy. I once told Lemmy I wasn’t part of his pension plan, it really does leave a sour taste… Going to see a band is fast becoming a middle class sport    (sw)


Emma Harvey  – Riot Grrrls

Meanwhile, as we said last time, painter Emma Harvey, an artist know to let loose a Riot Grrrl flavour or two….


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