ORGAN THING: Sometimes street artists do still get it right, Jimmy C’s powerful portrait of Jean Moulin…


Now it has to be said, most street art these days is leaving things feeling just a little cold, some of it a little more than just cold, so called street artists throwing up paintings on walls ahead of their latest print releases at their latest gallery shows, like that bloke with is opening the other day at Well Hung Gallery here in East London, we were rather looking forward to his show until he starting going on about his latest wall painting being promotion for his new print release, come on! Surely it was always about a bit more than a free advert for whatever you’re doing in a gallery next week? You may as well me painting billboards for corporations, at least that would be honest of yer! Street art is leaving me cold. And what about street art where artists need to paint their URLs, wasn’t about being anonymous, a tag for those in the know, a bit f mystery, a little more than a half-arsed marketing exercise and a new book release? Street artists imposing bad paintings of people who mean next to nothing to the area, that painting on the side of the chip shop via Broadway Market here in Hackney that I have to keep passing, that painting of that film star that died last month that you never expressed an interest in when she was alive, someone dies and it;s almost a race to get some kind of half-arsed portrait up on a wall and shared on social media, and don’t get me going on paste ups and the same bad image repeated again and again (and again), well no!


Now and again though, now and again an artist gets things just a little bit right.  Jimmy C has just painted a rather powerful portrait on a wall in France, I’ll admit I knew little about Jean Moulin, if I did I had to go remind myself, I’ll let Jimmy explain it

– “Jean Moulin was a leading figure in the French Resistance who resided in Chartres as the head of the Prefecture in 1939. He was captured in 1940 and heavily interrogated by the Nazis but was able to escape. He made his way to London to meet with Charles de Gaule where he was given the difficult task of unifying the French Resistance across France. Parachuting in the night into Lyon he was arrested by the Nazis whilst meeting with Resistance leaders. It was understood that he had been betrayed. Interrogated and tortured whilst in detainment, he refused to give any information to his captors, and died on a train on the way to a concentration camp. Moulin is a respected figure of the French Resistance who never backed down in the fight for liberty against totalitarian ideals. The painting on the wall looks in the direction of his former office and residence in Chartres. Thank you to the Ville de Chartres for the support and the trust given to undertake this project”.


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