ORGAN THING: Street artist Jimmy C’s blue heart for the NHS…


Organ Thing of the Day: Well art galleries might not be functioning, their doors even more closed than they so often were anyway and the legions of street artists might not be as active as they would be expected to be once the Spring sunshine kicks in (and those damn paste-up artists might not be able to go out and inflict their mostly dreadful creations on everyone – hey, there is an upside to this lockdown after all) but there are still one or two things still happening beyond the virtual world, one or two artists sneaking out by themselves, social distancing while they throw up a piece on a temporary wall around an East London building site –

“This idea to paint a blue heart was inspired by 11 year girl called Tamara McAuley from Suffolk who started a campaign to show the NHS how proud we are by displaying blue hearts in windows. Her mother set up a Facebook page Blue hearts for NHS to showcase all the beautiful blue hearts made by the children and friends. When I saw this I knew I had to paint a blue heart too!” said London-based Australian artist and serial painter of hearts Jimmy C

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