ORGAN THING: “We only make music so you can indulge your anger” so say California’s rather beautifully uncompromising Graveyard Junkies


“We only make music so u can indulge your anger” so say the rather beautifully uncompromising Graveyard Junkies. Who are they? Who knows? They’re from California, they do seem a little angry, positively so, hardcore punks, queercore Riot Grrrls or something like that, who are we to stick labels on them or get in their way in the pit, they have no time for “dipshits” they rather like the idea of “stomping on all nazis, transphobes, sexist f**kers, racist dumbasses, and all discriminatory bitches”, I like their attitude, I like the way they scream, they probably couldn’t care less what I think, I rather think you should go check them out, here’s their Bandcamp page, they kind of sound like look, go find out, consider this a public service from your ever caring Organ…

Elsewhere they describe themseLves as a “sugar coated speed freak noise pUnK band”, they are Grace – Vox, Mickey – Bass, Michaela – Guitar, Nadia – Guitar and Jake – Drums, here’s their Facebook page and here’s their Instagram page



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