ORGAN: FRIEZE WEEK Part 2 – Getting rather excited about Marton Nemes at Annka Kultys Gallery, don’t let this one get lost in all the noise of Frieze week, Marton is an exciting artist…


Marton Nemes at Annka Kultys Gallery, East London, October 2019

Marton Nemes – Ghosting Love at Annka Kultys Gallery, East London, October 2019 – There’s torrential rain flooding the streets of Hackney this evening, but then there’s also the promise of a Marton Nemes show, an opening night that really must be caught however heavy the rain, there won’t be time later this week and his show last year in the same East London space was rather exciting.


Marton Nemes at Annka Kultys Gallery, East London, October 2019

There’s something very precise about these pieces, more precise that last time? Tighter? Just More? It feels like more this time around, everything turned up just a little bit more, if feels like a year has been well spent, this looks so good. You take a little gasp of breath as you reach the top of the gallery stairs – we’re upstairs above an uneventful red shop on the Hackney Road, a very very white walled gallery kind of hiding in plain sight up a flight of stairs – a little “yes” shouted internally as you get to the top of the stairs and turn for that first view of the room. These are very painterly pieces, bold pieces, exciting pieces, striking, an instant sugar rush of very very modern bright art. Tight construction rather than deconstruction, something very pinpoint about the way the parts of the “canvas” fit together, the feel of something carefully put together rather than pulled apart? Something architectural, exquisitely crafted, not a blemish on any of them, which is what the pieces really require, these peices feel very much under control, and they look uncannily like they;ve been colour adjusted in Photoshop, saturated on Instagram, this is real life though, these are naturally over-saturated colours, brilliantly done, they really are this intense. . Do they have a look of 80’s graphics? Zolo, Memphis furniture, Memphis Milano? iD magazine, but they don’t feel like design, they are very painterly,


Marton Nemes at Annka Kultys Gallery, East London, October 2019

Annka Kultys Gallery is pleased to present “Márton Nemes: Ghosting Love”. This is the gallery’s inaugural solo exhibition of London-based Hungarian artist Márton Nemes’ new paintings since he joined the gallery earlier this year. Ghosting Love will coincide with fellow Hungarian and Nemes’ tutor at Budapest’s University of Fine Arts, Dóra Maurer’s, current retrospective survey at Tate Modern.“ Márton Nemes (b. 1986, Székesfehérvár, Hungary) is a multimedia artist based in London, creating paintings, sculptures, installations and sounds. He received an M.F.A. from Chelsea College of Arts, London in 2018. Initially inspired by the architecture of Budapest, a city that he has spent the majority of his life residing in, Nemes’s practice is rooted in the colourful abstraction of buildings. Since this early work, and after moving to London, Nemes has been heavily influenced by techno subcultures, continuing to create abstracted colourful works whilst attempting to duplicate the atmosphere and experience of rave culture, creating a disintegration and rearrangement of the pictorial state. Made using a range of materials, Nemes’s artworks are eager to expand and bend, referencing the escapist counter cultures associated with rave scenes, creating multisensory, diverse experiences”.


Marton Nemes at Annka Kultys Gallery, East London, October 2019

Hadn’t really picked up on a techno feel, a guess the hint of techno culture is there, I did get his name right this time though, Hey look, I was excited to see Marton (and not Martin) was back in the space, I really was rather excited about it, I wasn’t let down, it was just as rewarding as last time, dialled up a little more, an artist growing, more belief, just more, might jsut be a a significant artist emerging here, exciting artist…. …

ANNKA KULTYS GALLERY is at 472 Hackney Road, London E2 9EQ. You find the space through the red door and up stairs, right by the bus stop, just around the corner from Cambridge Heath station, the show is highly recommended. The opening times are 12-6pm Thursday to Saturday (or by appointment), the show runs until November 2nd. Annka Kultys Gallery is always one to keep an eye on… (sw)


Do click on an image t oenlarge or to run the fractured slide show



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