ORGAN: Five Recommended Art Things – Márton Nemes at Fold, Perishable Rush at BSMT Space, Tracey Emin at White Cube, Soozy Lipsey at Nelly Duff, Jennifer Packer, Fergus Hare…

It goes it goes it goes it still probably just about goes like this, well something like this, five art things in this still forming new world of something not vey normal? like we said last time and probably the time before that, five art things, five more art things happening right here, right now, or coming up any moment now, five art shows to check out in the coming days.

Hey, I know we said it last time but we will try to do it most weeks now we appear to be coming out of lockdown (or maybe not?), and yes this admittedly rather fractured Five Art Things feature was and (maybe) still is intended to be a regular, almost certainly weekly, or something like something near weekly thing but then everything is fractured and xracking and well you know, it goes. An almost weekly round up of recommended art events. Five shows, exhibitions or things we rather think might be worth checking out. Mostly London things for that is still where we currently operate and explore, and like we said last time (and the time before that), these five recommendations come, as we already said somewhere or other, these five recommendations come with no claims that they are “the best five” or the “Top Five”, we’re not one of those annoying art websites that ignore most things whilst claiming to be covering everything and proclaiming this or that to be the “top seven things” or the “best things this weekend”., no, this is simply a regular list of five or so art things coming up soon that we think you might find as interesting as we do, five art things coming in in the next few days in no particular order…

Sofia Martins Grey – Self Portrait – Why?

And well we did take a look or two at this year’s Discerning Eye on-line thing, it feels so one paced, so conservative, so damn safe and polite and why is the first thing you see the great big photos of the selectors themselves, that kind of says everything, giant photos of the curators? Why? Been back several times now, surely there’s more to it? Surely we’re missing something? Why? If there are one or two interesting pieces to be found there then they’re brought down by the dullness of whole thing, the whole feel, surely there’s more to be found than a very average still life of a skull? Of course the faddish artlists will lap it all up, the art press love a photo of themselves, gawd, so damn boring when there’s so so many exciting artists and so many rewarding pieces of art to be found , why? It really isn’t difficult to put an exciting on-line art show together. Why? is where we walk it rather than just talk it of course.

Marton Nemes at Annka Kultys Gallery, East London, October 2019

1: Márton Nemes, The Better Self at Fold – Márton Nemes has feature quite a bit on these fractured pages in recent year, indeed he was part of the #43Artists show hosted here back in Aprilm you might want to run your discerning eye over that one as well as the jsut opened Why? show

Fold are “pleased to present The Better Self a solo show by Márton Nemes, his first with the gallery” Márton, even though it can be argue in terms of almost every artists ever, is an artist who’s work you really need to see in the flesh.  The London-based artist (b. 1986. Székesfehérvár, Hungary) is one of the more exciting artists around and doing things right now

“Life is like big wave surfing, in the middle of the deep ocean, waiting for the right wave to catch. However it is notthat easy to catch the right wave and stay on top of it.  Although 2020 might seem to some like a cold, endless plain of water, the work of Marton Nemes is full of life, energy and joy. It is as though art could provide shelter from the daily anxiety and ultimately a source of hope and means for survival. From the observations of Harari we know that right now we might be witnessing the collapse of the idea of liberalism and that the world doesn’t have any other vision, ideology or model to rearrange itself. So we are staring into the void – which is the title the artist gives to a new series of paintings included in the show – the exhibition title The Better Self refers to this seeking for a new order.

Nemes puts the structures of his art on the table and presses the reboot button. He creates bodies of art that are both sculptural and painterly, while appearing engineered and handcrafted, by using coloured laser cut stainless steel sheets with welded spray-paint coated metal elements and acrylic painted canvases. Vividly expressive colours and spectacular gradients melt together in a blurred, distorted and broken way on the surface of his collaged objects. Life always finds a balance and adapts to new circumstances and so does the art of Márton Nemes.

Fold is at 58 New Cavendish Street, London, W1W 6YW. The show gets underway again on Thursday 3rd December and runs until January 31st – and as with every art event, show, exhibition right now you almost certainly need to book at apointment.

Marton Nemes at Annka Kultys Gallery, East London, October 2019

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And you can still explore that #43Artists show

Meanwhile we really really need some physical art now, we don’t need too many fingers to count the number of physical art shows we’ve been t osince that mid March lockdown. We did get to this one, we assume Hackney’s New Art Projects re-opens on December 3rd?

Fergus Hare at New Art Projects

ORGAN THING: Zachari Logan, Fergus Hare and Fredrik Andersson at New Art Projects, Hackney – glorious paintings, trophies that are far more than just playful, do catch it all if the lockdown lets you…

Zachari Logan / Fergus Hare / Fredrik Andersson at New Art Projects, Hackney, East London – October / Novermber 2020 A couple of weeks ago the Zachari Logan exhibition looked a little lost, a touch forlorn, it actually felt a little sad to be in there in a mask in an empty gallery trying to… read on

TRACEY EMIN, A Fortnight of Tears – White Cube, Bermondsey, London SE1, Feb 2019

2: Tracey Emin – Living Under the Hunters Moon at White Cube (Mason’s Yard) – Now you might reasonably argue that a big name like Tracey Emin really doesn’t need anything in terms of coverage from us, indeed when we do cover her art it tends to result in a pile of rather poisonous abuse aimed at both us and her, mostly from other artists, mostly from other rather bitter rather jealous artists. I love her paintings, I admire her marks, her drawings, her line, her energy, I like what her art says, I don’t agree with everything she might say when she talking about art (or life) but the prospect of a white art cube full of her paintings really does excite, not so excited about the neon or the sculpture but seeing her recent paintings in the actual flesh again does excite. more than comfortable with saying he 2019 White Cube show was brilliant, well the paintings were (I’ll skip the neon and the sculpture although you could I suppose argue the neon is a big part of who she is, I just need the paintings though) 

“The paintings, neon, sculpture and film in this exhibition take their cue from the elemental, sometimes primal, artistic expression that defines the art of Tracey Emin. Timed to coincide with the major exhibition ‘Tracey Emin / Edvard Munch: The Loneliness of the Soul’ at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, the presentation culminates with a screening of her 1998 film Homage to Edvard Munch and all My Dead Children. The title of the exhibition is drawn from a painting that references the ‘Hunter’s Moon’, a variation of a full moon that appears in October or November in the northern hemisphere. Also called a ‘Blood Moon’, this lunar event became known within traditional folklore as the best time for nocturnal stalkers to track and catch their prey. For Emin, who often paints throughout the night, a different kind of quarry is captured in her painting, which shows a couple locked in a carnal embrace atop a blood red mound of gestural marks”.

The show runs from 3rd December 2020 – 30 January 2021, entry is free but you do need to make an appointment The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 4pm. White Cube, Mason’s Yard is at 25-26 Mason’s Yard (Off Duke Street), London, SW1Y 6BU. Explore an online version of this exhibition HERE

Previously – ORGAN THING: Tracey Emin, A Fortnight of Tears, opening night, big queues, She’s Marmite, bring it on, the shock of those selfies, it really is all about those big paintings though, love it, art excites, want more Marmite…

ORGAN THING Back to the White Cube, a second look at those Tracey Emin paintings, John Crossley’s colour at Eames, Subversive Stitch, on with the exploring, more art, on on on…

TRACEY EMIN, A Fortnight of Tears – White Cube, Bermondsey, London SE1, Feb 2019

3: Soozy Lipsey – To Be Continued at Nelly Duff – “Join us to celebrate the opening night of artist Soozy Lipsey’s brand new exhibition ‘To Be Continued’ so says Nelly Duff, Not that Nelly is a person, not in this case, Nelly is gallery, well an art shop with a small gallery space up above it right there in the middle of East London’s Columbia Road.

‘Life can be pretty messy sometimes’ says Nelly, and there isn’t really a better introduction to London-based artist Soozy Lipsey’s newest exhibition ‘To Be Continued’ opening this December at Nelly Duff, and straight from the artist herself no less. If you aren’t already familiar (you will be very shortly) Lipsey’s world is a perfectly imperfect balance of calm and chaos. Wonderful, magical mess that results in truly honest, vibrant, and at times very funny artworks. ‘To Be Continued’, her second solo exhibition here at Nelly Duff, is an exploration of our own inner mess, and the work we then do to conceal, resolve and ultimately celebrate that part of ourselves”.

We’re promised “a heady mix of original painted works, Lipsey focuses on several themes throughout the exhibition culminating in a show stopping series of twelve electrifying portraits that sit halfway between traditional marble bust and eccentric profiles of unknown characters. But that’s exactly what this exhibition is all about, the juxtaposition between what we convey to the outside world and the brilliant, chaotic imperfection that lies beneath. Join us this December to shake off the shackles of lockdown and celebrate our last exhibition of 2020!”

The show opens on Thursday 3rd December and runs until December 9th – The gallery say “as new regulations around safely navigating COVID are put in place by the government, we’ll be regularly updating the event information so please keep an eye on it! Please choose your preferred time slot from the list below, and remember that you can book up to six tickets in accordance with the newest regulations. Head to the gallery website to book I guess. Nelly Duff is at 156 Columbia Road, London, E2 7RG.

4: Perishable Rush, Masked at BSMT Space – Now this slightly delayed event looks to be interesting, BSMT Space are bringing the “delicate, layered style of Dutch collage Street Artist” Perishable Rush to thier East London gallery for an introductory show. Originally scheduled for a few weekends back but you know the score, lockdown and the rest of it. The gallery say “we have revised our program in line with current UK government guidance and will be holding the exhibition on the first weekend of December. So you’ll still have the opportunity to see the delicate nature of these works in the flesh. Perishable Rush’s pieces are put together using wrappers, old posters and paper debris from the streets of the countries he visits, each work carefully built to reveal a mask which at once is unbelievably intricate but speaks of a deeper truth.  Masked will now be running from Dec 5th to Dec 6th, with a limited collection of full size paper masks, postcard pieces and a print release on display”

BSMT Space these days is found at 529 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AR

Jennifer Packer

5: Jennifer Packer – The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing at Serpentine Gallery

New York-based painter Jennifer Packer recalibrates art historical approaches to portraiture and still life, casting these enduring genres in a fresh political and contemporary light, while keeping them rooted in a deeply personal context. Combining observation, improvisation and memory, Packer’s intimate portraits of friends and family members and flower still paintings insist on the emotional and physical essence of their contemporary Black lives.

This survey exhibition, the artist’s first in a European institution, will include paintings and drawings from the past decade alongside new work created in her Bronx studio over the last twelve months.  A solo exhibition at the Renaissance Society, Chicago, in 2017 and her participation in the Whitney Biennial 2019 in New York, together with recent awards, have seen Packer become recognised as one of the most significant artists of her generation”. The Serpentine Gallery is at Kensington Gardens, London, W2 3XA, the show runs from 5th December 2020 until 14 March 2021, entry is free but once again it is a metter of booking an appointment. More details here

The Why? show then, the fifth on-line show of 2020 from Cultivate, a carefully curated group show featuring 43 artists and over 200 piece of art, Why? is where we walk it rather than just talk it of course, go have a look – Why not?

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