ORGAN THING: Five musical things – An impressive taste of the new Odessey & Oracle album, some fresh Squarepusher, some Hallelujah!, Spectral Habitat, London post punks Qlowski, oh and some Gentle Giant vinyl…

Five fresh musical things on one timeless thing, just because these things matter….

odessey_ oracle

1: Odessey & Oracle are of course from France, they have a new album called Crocorama out on that finest of labels Dur et Deux in April, here’s a taster from what promises to be a treat of an album, head over to the Bandcamp  page for more Dur et Deux are about ot launch that new Chromb album as well as that Sec delight. France and Dur et Deux really is where it is at in terms of music at the moment, you have already checked out the glorious progressions of Le Grand Sbam already haven’t you? Here’s a taste of Odessey & Oracle


2: Spectral Habitat – “The sound of Spectral Habitat is crafted with loving inspiration drawing upon substantial backgrounds in classical, drone, and heavy music, using voice, strings, electronics, and synthesizers, inviting textures found on coastlines, and timbres discovered on city streets. Since their formation, Spectral Habitat has embarked on several national tours, crowdfunded a self-designed composing residency on the US West Coast….”  A link turned up in the e,mail a couple of days ago and they’ve been flowing and seeping in a well, just feeling rather good ever since with their warm classical undertones and the glowing organicness of it all. Give it a little bit of time, don’t just play a couple of minutes, far to oeasy to do that on line, let it seep in, go with the ethereal otherness of it all, the calmness, it really is something worth your time, it really is rather beautiful –  “Spectral Habitat hears impassioned feedback from those deeply moved by their live shows frequently, and they take it seriously. What started in 2014 as casual improvisations between multi-instrumentalists Meg Mulhearn (U.S. Christmas, Divine Circles, Judas Horse, Lunar Creature) and Elisa Faires while touring across the country with their respective solo projects has evolved into a dynamic soundscape experience, one where audience response has made it clear the music they create together has the power to dismantle emotional barriers to allow vulnerability to surface”. That start to Fireflies is delightful, delightful sounds a little throwaway, it deserves more than jsut ‘delightful’, but it really is delightful…


3: Squarepusher – We have here a fresh slice of Squarepusher, “Following widespread acclaim for his recent album ‘Be Up A Hello’, on April 10th Squarepusher presents the ‘Lamental’ EP, which is accompanied by a headline tour covering Japan, America, Europe and the UK, including London’s Roundhouse on May 15th, where he’ll be joined by Paranoid London, SCALPING and Ray Keith”.


“Shining a light on the more melodic aspects of ‘Be Up A Hello’, the ‘Lamental’ EP reveals a contemplative side to the music Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher) has been making over the last few years. The squelchy synth techno of ‘The Paris Track’ is a new accelerated interpretation of ‘Detroit People Mover’, which is taken from ‘Be Up A Hello’, where it offers a cinematic contrast to the high-octane rave rush of the first four tracks.

Originally composed as a response to the EU referendum in 2016, Tom made the score and stems of his beautifully plaintive, wave-like slow roller ‘MIDI Sans Frontières’ available to all, encouraging remixers to participate as a form of “internationalist collaboration with sound makers, irrespective of what kind of music they make, where they live, their background or their age.” Also included on the EP is his own new ‘Avec Batterie’ deep breakbeat rework of the track”, a track that you can hear just up there via the magic of YouTube.  Full detsils of the release and the big bag of tour dates via

4: Hallelujah! have a new album out, the awkwardly good post punk thing of wired beuty has bee nout for a couple of weeks now, the album is called ‘Wanna Dance’, The Italian noise-punk outfit’s new album Maple Death Records, Primitivist, sci-fi, abrasive synth punk rather in the manner of Alan Vega, Destruction Unit, Scientists and such, you’ve got the earfood, you’ve got the Bandcamp, what more do you need? Mail order details maybe?



5: Qlowski have a new single out in April, here’s te lazt cut ‘n paste details, you don’t need words, just fire up the music  –  “Our hands are guns raised in the wind‘. Luckily the desire for a new and inclusive world is not something simple to destroy, with all our contradictions intact we keep fighting and grinding for change, no defeat from the get-go has to be our M.O. Ikea Youth is Qlowski‘s new call for arms, where frustration gives birth to dreams, the third chapter in their short career.   London based punks Qlowski return after their first tape released in 2016 and the head-spinning ‘Pure As Fear’ EP (2018) with a ton of touring under their belt in Europe. An uncommon post-punk sensibility, propulsive rhythms, a modern spin on kiwi-pop and a weird combination of dark punk, noise rock and flower pop are what makes them stand out. Television Personalities, Hannett‘s production style, The Clean, Killing Joke, Aussie Punk.


Ikea Youth is the band’s fiercest slab of nerves so far, a pummeling post-punk anthem that is backed with the fitting cover of The Cure‘s ‘Grinding Halt‘. Mickey’s lead vocals on the a-side are a fist full of hope and a paperback copy of Mark Fisher‘s essays delivered with conviction and menace, while Cecilia tackles the monument that is Mr Robert Smith with ferocity and grace creating the perfect mix that makes this band such a precious unit. Concrete-punk forever and more”.Qlowski is Michele Tellarini, Cecilia Corapi, Danny Smartt and Christian Billard. Recorded at Abbey Road Institute and mixed at Defiant Audio by Christian Billard. Mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control). This 7” single is housed in a fold-over 170gram jacket, hand-stamped, designed by Sam Kennedy.


And while we’re here, “Gentle Giant are happy to announce the release of the first 4 albums on vinyl April 3rd”.


“After the positive response to the box set “Unburied Treasure” many fans asked whether the vinyl albums would ever be available. The band has responded and decided to make these albums officially available for the first time in decades. The band’s first album “Gentle Giant” was first released in October 1970. Produced by Tony Visconti it marks the 50th Anniversary of the recording and live appearances of the band. Tony Visconti produced the follow up album “Acquiring The Taste” in 1971. The band oversaw the production of the third album “Three Friends” in 1972 and was the first official release in North America. Strangely the N.A. version featured the artwork from the U.K. “Gentle Giant” album. This album was followed up with their milestone album “Octopus” in 1972. Once again the North American artwork was different to the Roger Dean U.K. version and featured a dye cut Octopus in a jar. Released on the Alucard label, the albums will be manufactured in 180 gram vinyl with the original gatefold artwork from the U.K. The band hopes that their friends, followers and fans will enjoy these albums in their original form 50 years later!”



Oh look, more trumpet blowiug… What are you doing on the 12th?





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