ORGAN THING: More Godcaster? This is Wreckage, something new from Soccer96, Nothing is Square pt.2? One more weekend…


Nothing is Square Pt.2, Cultivate at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2 – opening night, 27th February 2020, runds until March 8th

Organ Thingof The Day:  Soccer96 return with new single ‘I Was Gonna Fight Fascism’ featuring Alabaster dePlume: . The band who recently signed to Moshi Moshi Records, have released the the track along with ad announcement of the band’s forthcoming EP ‘Tactics’, which is due out 26th June.

Soccer96 – awful name, it has to be said – are the “revered synth and drums duo” of Danalogue [Dan Leavers] and Betamax [Max Hallett], they’re probably best known as being two thirds of The Comet Is Coming. ‘Tactics’ sees Soccer96 expand on their duo template as they are joined by the entirely original Alabaster DePlume on vocals and Total Refreshment Cent


Now where were we? Halfway around the bend and spiking Jake’s interest even though he declared himself “no longer interested”. Shakey Jake boy, what yer gonna do? Actually Shakey Jake is someone completely different and not something to concern oursleves with on a day like today, shakey like ot shake his paint cans, here’s some more Godcaster, Jake didn’t say thanks yesterday, no humble pie here. just that music industry sense of entitlement


Futher reading:  ORGAN THING: Godcaster? Who? They sound like they might be Going Off And Things, now this really does sound like the hand of the twisted Crowman could be involved…


Here’s the new This is Wreckage album, they have a certain urgent energy to them, they sound like it might matter, we don’t need to review do we? It wouldn’t be posted here if someone around here didn’t thing it worth you clicking and taking a listen. I like the aggressive urgency of it all, sounds like they need to be doing it rather than a bunch of hipsters half heartedly doing it in between bouts of drinking coffee and grooming a beard They’re from Cardiff, they appear to be on a label out of Denver, USA in terms of this new album, they have this old school Big Black, Shellac, The Jesus Lizard thing going on, that urgent thing only a raw three piece band can do…


Here’s another shot of that Nothing is Squareshow, it gords on for one more weekend, I doubt if Jake is interested, you might be though, come on, don’t be all shakey and taking things for granted like Jake. In my head I saw it as something like a wall of seven inch singles, we invited 37 artists, me being the 38th, to paint on identically sized 20cm x 20cm canvas. All about artists coming together ourseves and making things happen…

ORGAN THING: The squaring of it all? Nothing is ever that square. 38 artists, 140 pieces of identically sized pieces of art and another East London opening night…


Nothing is Square Pt.2, Cultivate at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2 – opening night, 27th February 2020


Nothing is Square Pt.2, Cultivate at Shipton Street Gallery, London E2





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