ORGAN THING: Godcaster? Who? They sound like they might be Going Off And Things, now this really does sound like the hand of the twisted Crowman could be involved…



Now this really does sound like the hand of the twisted Crowman and his clown tribe could be involved, they sound like they might be Going Off And Things, but rather than the southern suburbs of the edges of London where Cardiacs once ran around Ring and squalor was so so alive, “we are an ecstatic king’s thirst from Philadelphia and New York City”. Today’s Organ Thing of The Day come to you despite the “no longer interested” protests of Jake, there is no love between us any more, Jake is no longer interested, seems he thinks we’re just here to help Jake pay his mortgage. Hey Godcaster, where have you been? I expect these musical treats will be hitting the airwaves via the Other Rock Show over the next the week, stairs were almost fallen down when first the sound of Godcaster jumped out of the speakers here in our Hackney bunker, “who’s this?!” came the question over the chokes of toast, they set off an infestation of bugs in my knees she yelled and surely they’ve heard Cardiacs, they can”t be in such a parallel universe, it really could be Ring! And no, no, I do not believe in the cacophonous piety of the Virgin Mary and…


“Godcaster are an experimental and hard rock band ephemerally founded by Judson Kolk and Bruce Ebersole when they were eight and eleven years old. Since then they’ve experi- mented with quite a few different styles and have had several incarnations of the band. The current cast consists of: David Mcfaul (keys), Von Lee (flute, vox), Lindsay Dobbs (trombone, vox) Bruce Ebersole (bass gui- tar), Sam Pickard (drums), and Judson Kolk (vox, guitar). The band is known for their ecstatic live performances, serendipitous visual make-believe, and gritty gut dials. Their engaging stage presence can only be described as captivating and has caught the eye of several concert photographers, most notably, Rolling Stone’s Sacha Lecca. Godcaster has been likened to artists such as Frank Zappa for their “expert musicality” and “unique and dynamic blending of funk and garage rock. Delve into the fervencies of their swordlike barrage.”



What else do they have? Go explore their Bandcamp, an if you see Jake, don’t bother telling him, he’s “no longer interested” in anything we might write. Love music, detest the music music business, go off and things, go say hello to Godcaster, tell then those Organ scumbags sent you, I got to go make coffee…


Now I know we are mostly and UK thing, some might say a London thing, but we do know we have lots and lots of visitors and listeners from over there so here, you should live in Youngstown Ohio, then here are some US dates

3/6 – Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer w/ Of Montreal, Lily’s Band
3/7 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Collision
3/8 – Youngstown, OH @ West Side Bowl
3/10 – Mansfield, OH @ Mothership
3/11 – Ypsilanti, MI @ Ziggy’s
3/13 – Chicago, IL @ VCR Gallery
3/14 – Chicago, IL @ Charm School
3/15 – Oberlin, OH WOBC Radio Session
3/20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Trans-Pecos
3/21 – White Plains, NY @ SUNY Purchase
3/27 – Boston, MA @ The Tourist Trap

and well for those of you over there who might not have heard the greatest of English bands, Cardiacs have been our fuel for longer than we care to remember…







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