ORGAN: Six more slices of new music to check out – Hollow Ship, Ben Lukas Boysen, Manchester’s rather wired Blanketman, more Martin Basi, more Supermilk, Lorenzo Senni and some classic Tribe 8…


65: JAMES JOHNSTON – “Detention Centre”. Acrylic and gold paste on 76cm x 61cm canvas

Shall we do that five musical things thing again? We did it yesterday, I’m still exploring Martin Basi adn we still have quite a backlog clogging up the in-box.  Once again, just like yesterday, all the paintings and pieces of art on this page today, including the James Johnston piece at the head of the page, are pieces that feature in the #43Artists online show that can be explored here,

Another five slices of music that have landed here at Organ in the last couple of week or so, five pieces of recommended music dug out from the hundreds of things that have come our way in the last week, and just like yesterday, five slices presented in no particular order..


1: Hollow Ship‘s debut album is sounding deliciously sublime today in the mellow Sunday sunshine, they’re from Gothenburg, Sweden,. they’re kind of pleasant which I guess kind of sounds a bit throwaway but but but, hey come on, pleasant with a little twist, a subtle undercurrent of something or other that gives them that bit of magic, maybe it is the sunshine and the lockdown and the peace and quiet of London today? or maybe that groove is doing ‘it’, whatever it is this is a confident sound, a fluid debut, alive with little details, with…. hey look, here it is, go find out for yourself…   


2: Ben Lukas Boysen – Have we covered this already? Who cares, here it is either again or for the first time, it is rather glorious, it might be the sunshine and the peace and quiet of the London lockdown but it is sounding rather glorious today, lush, progressive, uplifiting.  “Berlin based composer and producer Ben Lukas Boysen returns with his most progressive and shape-shifting work to date, the long awaited ‘Mirage’, on 1 May 2020 with Erased Tapes”.

Here’s a little more about ir – “Ben Lukas Boysen shares a second single, the atmospheric yet hyper-dynamic Clarion, taken from his much anticipated new album Mirage out May 1. Opening with subtle piano and the delicate strings of cellist Anne Müller, it suddenly morphs into a colossal ensemble piece with heavy drums and electronics”.



3: Blanketman – There’s a live video here that won it in terms of posting the video for Blanketman’s debut single here, live footage of  Blanketman performing at Academy 2 Manchester back at the end of February 2020 when people could still go to and see new bandsThis then in the Manchester band’s debut single, it just came out, they sound like they’re from Manchester, that’s no bad thing “Blanketman are a new band who sweat and toil in a city called Manchester. Over the last year or two the band have been spearheading a burgeoning scene locally and have gigged extensively throughout the town performing their original brand of restless-legged post-punk, served with a sharper, more sardonic pop edge than many of their more po-faced peers.  So sharp in fact that Steve Hanley, of The Fall and Brix Smith & Extricated, has felt the need to get up on stage with them to perform live on two occasions already” .


Blanketman are: Adam Hopper – lead vocals, guitar, Jeremy Torralvo Godoy – bass, backing vocals, Ellie-Rose Elliott – drums, backing vocals, Daniel Hand – lead guitar, Eden Hemphill – keys, guitar, violin, backing vocals, here’s their Facebook page and their Bandcamp


246: MONSUR AWOTUNDE – “Red Land” (2017), Acrylic on Canvas, 56×64 inches.

4: Martin Basi  –  I’m still exploRing Martin Basi from yesterday’s post – “Martin Bisi, a New York indie performer and record producer has been at a crossroads of indie/punk, experimental, noire/cabaret, and electronic music since the early 80’s. He has realized albums by Sonic Youth, Material/Bill Laswell, John Zorn, Swans, Africa Bambaataa, Herbie Hancock’s Rockit, Boredoms, Foetus, Helmet, White Zombie, Dresden Dolls, Serena Maneesh, Jon Spencer’s Boss Hog, and others”, here’s his Bandcamp to the new album Solstice that came out late last year (not sure why we’re only getting the press release about the elease this week?)


Here’s a Martin Basi video from late last year…


5: Lorenzo Senni – here’s a rather refrshing piece from the new Lorenzo Senni album ‘Scacco Matto’, out 24 April on WARP


here’s some more from the very same Lorenzo Senni  album…


6: Supermilk – We can beyond the allotted five a day, we are locked down and searching through the backlogue after all, here’s more from Supermilk, a follow up to that excellent track that came out a few weeks back – here’s that bit from a few month’s back – ORGAN THING: Supermilk and that instantly vital riff and the Bullheaded Boy and this is the best thing for you now and… and here’s the new one, both are from the just released albu ‘Death Is the Best Thing for You Now’


Here’s Bullheraded Boy again, and a click on the Bandcamp will take you to the details of the album –



Right then, enough searching through the in-boc and being mellow in the sunshine, I’m off to throw soem paint and t odig out a classic album I haven’t played for a good few years, Tribe 8 today…



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