ORGAN: Five new musical things to explore – Thee MVPs, Sex Swing, the rather radiant Silver Field, André Obin and Sun Spot running up that hill…


128: TIM GOFFE – City Gas Station, Oil on Panel, 45 x 60cm

Lockwhat? Five more new musical things that have risen to the top through all the froth of this week’s in-box, five recommended musical things in no particular order, five things fished out of the hundred’s that land in out e.mail box every bleedin’ week of the year, here you go, five music things with those oh so vital links and the price of fish and I don’t give a damn I don’t flippin’ care, you don’t need some smart arse editorial, you haven’t got time, I haven’t got time, the images on here are from the recent #43Artists on-line show put together whilst wearing our dirty filthy paint-covered Cultivate hats and hosted here on these fractured  Organ pages back at the start at the month ..


185: ROSEMARY JANE CRONIN – ‘Rent’ gold leaf on magazine page

1: Sex Swing – one of the more exciting bands on the London scene in recent times, Sex Swing are a band we’ve championed on these fractured pages on a number of occasions and they’ve have just let loose another taste of their next album in the shape of the video you can watch right here. The band have announced a load of live dates for later on this year, right now we’re not really in the mood for publishing potential live dates though, here’s the video, here’s some more words – “Since their foundation in 2014, this rogue’s gallery of luminaries of the UK underground have consistently proven to be capable of projecting vibrations that transcend and usurp any idea of the sum of their component parts. It is true that they’ve clocked up notable experience sparking tinnitus with everyone from Mugstar and Bonnacons of Doom (bassist Jason Stoll) to Dethscalator (vocalist Dan Chandler and drummer Stuart Bell) and from Earth (guitarist Jodie Cox, who also introduced keyboard player Ollie Knowles to the melee) to a dizzying variety of endeavours from the paint-stripping skronk of Dead Neanderthals to the righteous ire of Idles (all via saxophonist Colin Webster)… oh look, let’s cut the chase, here, for what it might be worth, the video… .


Advance details of the new Sex Swing album can be found via their Bandcamp


Previously   –

ORGAN THING: The brooding musical beast that is Sex Swing launch a new album with Valentine’s Day at the Gym…

ORGAN THING: Sex Swing’s debut album; claustrophobic, hypnotic, brooding, full-bodied, this is a big sound, a vital thing…


Sex Swing

2: The Silver FieldThe rather radient second single from The Silver Field‘s new album, Sing High! Sing Low! – released June 12th via Crossness Records..


there’s more here via Bandcamp, including those all important order details, “The Silver Field is a sound world of Coral Rose & friends. Voice, tapes, bass, strings, reeds, drums, small sounds, big sounds, sunlight, moonlight, a lot of water”, we look forward to hearing more.


Here’s the press release, yeah I know, lazy cut ‘n paste journalism, but there’s only a couple of tastes available right now, maybe where we get to hear the full album we’ll have more time and a word or two of our own, right now that’s taste to the talking in a rather beautifully rewardfing way – “Sing High! Sing Low!’s nine exploratory tracks combine to form an aural postcard – a collection of snapshots following the path of a journey. The story picks up where debut album Rooms (O Genesis Recordings, 2019) left off, with a decisive stepping out into the world, and follows Coral Rose’s next steps, with one eye still trained on that starting point. Showcasing Rose’s diverse influences and melodic know-how, ‘Salt Light’ covers both the internal and external grounds of that journey. Rose: “I wrote this lyric and melody walking home from my studio while living back in the small Derbyshire town where I grew up. The recordings on this album span a good five years, but that’s the place where it really came together. My walk home took me past my old school, out through the fields, and up a big hill. Since I knew this area so well, I found that I could easily walk at night with no light, and it felt really magical and restorative – ‘taking in fear, laying down love, as I walk.”


181: GERALDINE SWAYNE – ‘Bad Servant’ (2020), Oil on canvas 91.5x121cm

3: André Obin  – There’s something rather compelling about this André Obin video, maybe the sight of people out in crowded places? Do rather like the crunch of the old school synth pop as well, the lush warmeth of it all. Disconnect the Wires is new single  from André Obin, “a musical artist from Boston, Massachusetts best known for crafting modern synthpop”. The single apparently “offers a preview of Obin’s new EP, Bridging The Void, that the artist has been steadily working on for the past 3 years. Many of the lyrical themes of the EP touch on social distancing, isolation and survival – an astonishing fact given that the lyrics were written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic”. not sure how “astonishing” that is,d orather like the crisp dreampop feel of it though don’t you?  The EP is out on the Cleapatra label


4: Sun Spot – This is a rather fine track from a just released compilation called Peering Out, “a compilation album for Shelter, a registered charity that campaigns to end homelessness and bad housing in England and Scotland. It gives advice, information and advocacy to people in need, and tackles the root causes of bad housing by lobbying government and local authorities for new laws and policies to improve the lives of homeless and badly housed people. Now more than ever during the COVID 19 this charity needs our help. Whilst for some quarantine is a chance for people to stay indoors and be creative, we are reminded that this is a privilege and a luxury that many do not have. We hope through this compilation we can raise awareness of this issue that is dear to all our hearts”.  Full details of the album via that Bandcamp just there..



245: MONSUR AWOTUNDE – “While it’s hot 1″ (2018), Collage and Acrylic on Canvas, 48″x44”

5: Thee MVPs – They’re from Leeds, on the evidence of this slice of their debut album they’re not interested in breaking too much in terms of new ground, kind of like their rowdy garage punk power pop conformity, I like it, the dogs like , the pigeons like it, “The first single from the First LP from Thee MVPs and the First LP from Eeasy Records. Released May 29th 2020   Played it five times in a row, I’l probably plAy it again ia moment, then I’ll throw on some Alberto y Los Trios Paranoias and cut me liver out and nail it to your door…


And that will do, here, have some proper punk rawk…


here’s some rather good footage of Frank Zappa jamming with Pink FloYd back in 1969


never mind Frank, here’s David…


And here’s some Cardiacs-like percusssssssion…


More of this tomorrow, maybe?


174: PAUL SAKOILSKY – The Dark Times


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