ORGAN: Five Recommended Art Things – What’s Jimmy Cauty doing? Tanya Goel at Nature Morte, Fringe Arts Bath goes on line, Side By Side via Victoria Miro and David Zwirner, Rebel Dykes, (Far from the) Turmoil and…

We could do that five art events thing again, well we could, maybe? Yes I know things are still mostly kind of locked down in a somewone fractured way and nowhere is really open and on the whole things on line really aren’t hitting the art spot and this week has mostly been about raging against the arts council machine somewhere far far from the turmoil and the efficacious of it all. indeed scanned, assessed and found wanting by the rather unengaging aloof word-pushsing of the council who evidentially don’t like actual engagement of the act of walking it rather than just sitting around talking about it at length.. “Let’s Create”? They say – yeah right, lets just talk about and pat ourselves and our mates on our collective backs, whatever you do don’t actually open the gallery door and let the public in. In other words, if human reproductive cloning is efficacious and safe, its opponents have the burden of proof to show why it should be disallowed.

Five art things, I can’t be doing with Instagram takeovers and glitchy virtual viewings on Facebook or any of that, right now, it terms of art. most of our inbox is cluttered up with so called urban art galleries trying to flog us limited edition print runs of prints we’ve seen far too many time already, I see one of them has just teamed up with a wine dealer, how very “street” of them. It has now been more than two months since any of us here in the UK have (rightly) been able to go to an art gallery, or enjoy an opening or just stand there drinking in the paint, staying in has now feeling way too much like the new normal, art on like isn’t quite doing it for me but for now it will have to do, I for one, as much as I can’t wait to, am in no rush to re-open gallery doors or go to other people’s shows…


Five more art things then, in no particular order, five things recommended or anticipated or something like that

1: Jimmy Cauty, L-13 Light Industrial Workshop? “What’s this?? Maybe a poster for a new germ free, socially distant, concrete based town planning disaster involving a tour and a 40ft shipping container. Final stage of the build imminent. #towerblock1 #jimmycauty #estate” they said, or he said or she said.  L-13 Light Industrial Workshop


2: Fringe Arts Bath is moving online for 2020 AND opening today assuming you are of course reading this this today, today being Friday May 22nd. “We’re sadly not going to be able to deliver Fringe Arts Bath festival as we know it this year, as part of the sacrifices we are all making in response to the covid-19 situation around the globe. We’re taking the festival online. For the first time since FaB first took over odd spaces around Bath in 2007 we won’t be appearing on your streets, instead we’re bringing art and events into your home, including opportunities for you to take part, Watch our blog and social media accounts for update”   Fringe Arts Bath happens on line  from May 22nd until June 7th – / #FaB20


3: Tanya Goel, Pause in a Flicker at Nature Morte –  we do usually focus on things on our own doorstep, or at least our home ground of London, but this is the web right and it is all about on line for the foreseeable future and New Delhi’s Nature Morte gallery was one of the more interesting galleries we encountered at last year’s Frieze London, they are a gallery who constantly come up with interesting (Indian) artists. Right now their on-line viewing room features Tanya Goal’s Pause in a Flicker   “Nature Morte is pleased to inaugurate its online Viewing Room with a series of new works by the Delhi-based artist Tanya Goel. The Viewing Room will be an avenue for the gallery to showcase new works being made by its artists, despite the current lack of actual exhibitions in their gallery space. In most cases, the artists will be responding to the current situation by thinking outside of their own comfort zones and creating works from a new perspective”. Explore more here


Rebel Dykes

4:  Rebel Dykes History Project online launch – May 28th – we did already mention this but it is worth mentioning again as part of this week’s five, we make no appologies for doing so –  “Since we were last in touch, we have created the Rebel Dykes History Project, which is a Community Interest Company. To create this company we had to run a petition, because Company House originally wouldn’t let us set up a company with the word DYKE in it’s name. Thank you to everyone who signed the petition. We were successful, and we are now the first UK company with DYKE in the name!REBEL DYKES HISTORY.   On May 28th 2020 we are officially launching the Rebel Dykes History Project CiC.  We’re holding an online event where the project partners will be introducing themselves, and we will tell you our plans for the exhibition and how you can get involved with the archive including sharing any archive items you may have and volunteering on our project… more here


Side By Side – presented by Victoria Miro and David Zwirner

5: Side By Side an on-line show – “presented by Victoria Miro and David Zwirner, Side by Side explores increasingly poignant dualities in art and society: how the digital represents the physical; how a work’s surface transmits the artist’s intentions and ideas; how to be present in an exhibition while not being there.  Primarily featuring artists co-represented by both galleries—which are longtime peers, friends, and collaborators—this online-only exhibition highlights works by each artist that exemplify the physical materiality of their practice. The multidimensionality of these works can be experienced via 3-D rendering technology on parallel platforms—online and also via the Vortic app, which presents these works in high-resolution virtual-reality versions of Victoria Miro’s and David Zwirner’s London galleries. The experience is a mirror of our world, but also not quite like it. More details here


61: PETER A LEIGH – Dazzle Cube – Painting / installation (2020)

And yes, we will blow our own Trunpets again, or at least out Cultivate trumpet, no one else is going to do it, certainly not Arts Council England.  That piece up there from Peter A Leigh is part of the current (Far from the) Turmoil show

6: (Far from the) Turmoil – An online group show from Cultivate. The show has been “live” on line, hosted here on the Organ pages, for a week now, a simple slide show formant, 41 carefully selected invited artists, just over 250 pieces of contemporary art from all over the globe. Last time we checked the show had been viewed well over 40,000 times and although we might say we’re not the biggest fans of on-line art shows they certainly do have a place, especially when rather than attempting to reconstruct the experience of being in as gallery with video views and tours, the show takes on the strengths of the web and the simple format of a slide show.

(Far from the) Turmoil is a mix of contemporary painters, pro-active print makers, installation artists, artists from London, joined by artists from other parts of the UK, from mainland Europe, from India, from all over the globe –  explore it all here



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