ORGAN THING: The Jamie Reid exhibition at The Horse Hospital has reopened but the space and culture itself is still under attack, a 440% rent increase! Taking Liberties indeed…


Time for a quick parish notice, not so much because the Jammie Reid exhibition that had to close back in March when we all locked down has now re-opened, but because the venue is a very very important one, a vital art space, a space that was fighting to survive before the pandemic so heaven knows where they’re at now. Support the Horse Hospital, an important space for so so many reasons. “We are facing a rent rise of 440% and if we are unable to negotiate a fair rent with our landlord by 31 March 2020 the increasing likelihood is that we will have to take our case to court, for which the legal fees that we incur could be up to £40,000″, who knows where things are at now?So yes, the Jamie Reid exhbition as re-opened but 440%!! Culture in under attack, fight for the Horse Hospital 


Jamie Reid

The Jamie Reid exhibition at The Horse Hospital, the show, Taking Liberties!, featuring Jamie Reid’s Political Work 1970 – 2020 – “The first London survey of Jamie Reid’s iconoclastic protest works, comprised entirely of items from the artist’s personal archive”. The exhibition is open Tuesdays to Saturdays, 12-6pm or by appointment, The re-opened exhibition continues until the 1st of August at the unique space that is The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, Bloomsbury, London, WC1N 1JD

The Horse Hospital, is of course a rather special art space, it is something to be celebrated, the space is so vital in so so many ways, we need our alternative art spaces, we need out culture, we need places where the art isn’t selected by a dealer or a broker, where it  isn’t about the commercial viability of the work, where artists rather than just the curators put on the shows, where things can happen – and not only that, the space is historically important and indeed beautiful, it needs ot be a public space, a place where things happen, there are so many layers to the Horse Hospital

A NOTE FROM ALAN MOORE (stolen from the Horse Hospital website thought I;m sure no one will complaint about the blatant theft)

There’s not another venue like it on the planet.

The Horse Hospital, crouched there in Bloomsbury on Colonnade’s chopped-off corner since the 18th century, engulfs the visitor on entry in its cask-aged atmospherics, otherworldly and unique. Adjusting psychologically to gentle gradients where stairs had been expected, a bipedal modern clientele descends into the building’s clattering history amongst the steaming ghosts of carriage-horses, tired and worn out, hackneyed, to an exhibition and performance space that is anything but.

Anachronistic and outside of time, steeped in a hundred years of horseflesh with the past only a layer of paint away, the structure is a foundry where futurity is smelted; wherein artists and performers at the razor edge of their respective disciplines display their snorting steeds before an audience eager to examine teeth and study form.

The roster of talents associated with the place is an essential résumé of counterculture, both English and global, with all this surmounted by the most exciting archive of modern street-fashion anywhere in London. Boiling everything electrifying in the city’s subterranean culture down to an exquisite bouillon, the Horse Hospital is an enormously important strand in the artistic fabric of our current century that must not be cut short, a redbrick Pegasus for which the knacker’s yard must surely be unthinkable.

In a society where all humane and beautiful alternatives are being systematically removed, evaporating from the map, it’s vitally important that we fight for, and stand up for, every inch.

Defend the Horse Hospital, so that it can take in all our hobbling and footsore arts, to make them fit and well.

         — Alan Moore, March 2020.


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