ORGAN THING: Breaking news, the much loved Horse Hospital is to “remain in the building and continue our program of exhibitions and events”

*BREAKING NEWS* so shout those fine Horse Hospital people, “It is with great relief that we can announce – following 18 months of uncertainty and stressful negotiations – we have FINALLY SECURED A NEW LEASE to remain in the building and continue our program of exhibitions and events for a further 4 years !!!💥 This is thanks to your support, and we are ever grateful to our community. ❤️🐴 #fourmoreyears #vivethehorsehospital #longlivethehorsehospital

“We had the option of going to court and if we hadn’t had suffered a year of very little income due to Covid-19, it would have been a serious consideration as we are sure we would have won. However, at the end of the day, the legal costs could have been insurmountable, and if we would have lost, that would have been the end to our time in this building. The rent has now been negotiated down from the original 333% per year they were demanding to a more achievable 33.3%, which is still a substantial increase so we still need to find a way to make our tenure sustainable. We may have won the battle for now but our future security
beyond December 2024 is as yet unknown. Nevertheless, whatever happens, rest assured that the Horse Hospital spirit, ethos and program will continue in some form, even if not in this fine building… We now await being able to open our doors once again and welcoming you all back in, as soon as it is safe to do so. In the meantime, we will be busy planning for the future as we intend to make the next 4 years a truly unforgettable experience for everyone.  Yours truly,  The Horse Hospital Team”

At last then, something good to report in terms of the London Art Scene…

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ORGAN THING: The Jamie Reid exhibition at The Horse Hospital has reopened but the space and culture itself is still under attack, a 440% rent increase! Taking Liberties indeed…

STOP PRESS: 6th March:

STOP PRESS: 6th March: Except, once you pass the relief of a space saved and actually think about it, that’s still a greedy 33% increase during very difficult times for art spaces, most of us in London have not been albe to open our spaces or put on shows for a year. The greed of building owners/landlords still needs to be questioned. yes, 33% is better that the previously threatened 333% rent rise bit hey, it still needs to be questioned rather than us just saying “thank you sir”

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