ORGAN: Five musical things – Johanna Burnheart, (Z)erpents and some Upsilon Acrux flavoured Other Rock, New York’s Gustaf, Low Hummer, The Psychotic Monks and a film from Clara Marguerat…

Art Car Boot Fair 2020 – Sean Worrall – “Ten” Paintings

Where were we? Where were the Things? Red bats? Car boots? Sharks? Truth is the (rebooted) Art Car Boor Fair that opened (after a second go) on Sunday October 4th ended up being a week-long event that kind of took up every moment of every day for seven days, the fair finally closed yesterday evening after a week of us participating artists being there in our virtual boots, that and running to the post office everyday and going through rolls of tape and sending paintings to Seattle and new York and various parts of Australia and all points of the UK and not one to any of your bands or labels who were complaining about a week of silence and no one at this end plugging your Bandcamp Friday or whatever it is you want our help with, not too late though, the gallery shop is here, us painters need to eat just like you bands and labels, there’s some trumpet blowing up there and here’s some music, five slices of music that has come our way, five slice presented in no particular order…

1: (Z)erpents have a new album, their first, (Z)erpents are a new band, they’re from Taipei, Taiwan, a band that features Upsilon Acrux’s Paul Lai. Now  Upsilon Acrux are one of the finest bands of more recent times, of any time actually, so when Paul sends a message to say he has a new band what he says is a “Free Jazz” album then our ears then we are going to take notice. Free Jazz can often be a little too free, it can be a little self indulgent, it coan ofte nsound like it was fun to make while not really being that much in terms of the listener, thankfully this is not the case here, Black Mold and Hot Springs, Taipei is an intensely beautiful experience, a wall of relentless noise that isn’t anywhere near as obvious as it almost tricks you into thinking it is going to be, Black Mold is art, Black Mold is like the joy of falling upstairs, like fighting off very precise insects, like free jazz played with a guitarist who knows how to rock and isn’t afraid not to, Black Mold is an album that makes perfect sense and right now we need things to make perfect sense, you don’t need our words though |(are you still reading this?) the music is right there on their Bandcamp…  

“This is a soundtrack; close your eyes – you can see the film. While the camera strains, image wobbling, making the most of a lack of light, there are riots in the streets; armored vehicles blasting water cannons; a teenager in a bandana kicks a tear gas canister back toward the line of cops. Natural disasters; a wall of water washing cars from the street; half-finished skyscrapers collapse; cracks opening in the earth’s surface… for more of this head to their Bandcamp page

and just in case you missed it, here’s a taste of Upsilon Acrux

2: Johanna Burnheart has shared a video for her new single ‘Silence Is Golden’, a track from her forthcoming album, here it is..

“German violinist, singer and composer Johanna Burnheart has shared a new video for her latest single ‘Silence Is Golden’. The track is taken from her much anticipated debut album ‘Burnheart’, which is due out 30th October via Ropeadope Records. Speaking about the track and video, Johanna says, “The melody of this track appeared to me while cycling to my primary school teaching job. The metre of this melody proved to be almost like a game – which is fitting as the song reminds me of some sort of nursery rhyme accompanied with a clapping game. I incorporated some of this imagery in the video in the form of each member of my band clapping on the wall with the sequence I developed. It is also a portrayal of the lockdown at that point.

The other scenes in the video were artistically directed by Sorcha Kennedy who tied in the imagery with the artwork she made for this single specifically. The cage-style top I’m wearing was handmade by her for the original photoshoot of the album artwork. We played with mirrors, layers and blend modes to achieve the video in this form and the cage really elevates the images in my opinion. My love for golden things is portrayed in the mirrored scene I dubbed “sheep dreams” during my editing process. It leads the video into darker imagery which includes clay figures that are featured on my album cover and a seemingly under-water room where I play and sing my solo. I like to use my voice as an effect rather than the focal point and I find that blending it with the violin sometimes creates a synth-like sound.”

3: The Psychotic Monks may not be the greatest band name ever, it might well be the worst, but they do make a glorious noise and this is “Closure”, a piece by those Psychotic Monks, taken from “Private Meaning First” (available on November 27th 2020 – Fat Cat Records / Vicious Circle Records), the film is made by Clara Marguerat, here it is, they’re from France, from Saint-Ouen actually…


4: Gustaf have a new song about “the overly entitled and underwhelmed”. Gustaf are from New York City; “Today, Gustaf are announcing their signing to Royal Mountain Records, alongside their debut single and video “Mine“. The first recorded material from a band who have played sold out shows around the United States based solely on word of mouth, “Mine” offers an engagingly weird and frantically off-kilter look into the all-encompassing world of the Brooklyn-based art-punk quintet”.

Vocalist Lydia Gammill explains: “This song is about having a false sense of entitlement. Someone who feels attacked or like they’re being pushed out of their own world and not getting the credit they deserve. Someone with a delusional sense of self whose anger and frustration is humorous like the superintendent in a college frat movie. The opening lines make it seem like the narrator is being criticizing by someone else and they’re retaliation is like “you’ve got to be kidding me, you can’t say that about me! I invented water you punk!” …. sort of. “

5: Low Hummer have just crossed our crooked path, there’s a sparse brutality to their soft edges, something in that uncluttered sound, that new wave goodness that lows out of them

I imagine that should do for today, I did enjoy my week of not listening to the mountains of thankless time-consuming bands and labels and people demanding we write about this, that or other…. I might just stop…

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