ORGAN THING: Another good-looking Clara Marguerat film ahead of the new album from The Psychotic monks…

Organ Thing of The Day? Well even though they have a dreadful band name we do rather like what we’ve heard of The Psychotic Monks. Admittedly we’ve only heard a couple of pieces of their fine work, we featured an example a couple of weeks back, and like this one featured here, that piece came with a video made by Clara Marguerat as well – maybe the film making of Clara should be the Thing of The Day? Isolation is “a movie made by The Psychotic Monks and Clara Marguerat” so they say. A video, a film, a fine piece of music, a dubious band name and apparently a second album released any moment now. “Isolation” is taken from “Private Meaning First” (available on November 27th 2020 – Fat Cat Records / Vicious Circle Records). They’re from France, from Saint-Ouen actually, we did mention that a few weeks back…

More info – Facebook / Fat Cat


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