ORGAN: Five musical things – More beauty from Anrimeal, Charlie Looker covers Antony & the Johnsons, the soul of Sun Cutter, Steve Barton, Ukranian composer and sound-artist Heinali…

Five more musical things? Where were we? More music? Do we need any more? Where were the Things? Are you that bothered? Why? Red bats? Sharks? five slices of music that has come our way in the last few days, five slice presented in no particular order, five slices of music that we think might be worth your time. Why? I don’t really know, do you?

1: Anrimeal, more from Anrimeal, we did share a first taste of the forthcoming Anrimeal album on these fractured pages already for what it be worth, here’s a second intriguing taste of her rather fragile thing. There;s more to be found here via the Bandcamp page

2: Sun Cutter – There;s something rather besutiful soulful about this, about all of it, and yes it does sooth, it does exude compassion, unity, warmth, something timeless, something that could be from anytime dutirng the last fifty or sixty years, soemthing beauitfully timeless, it soulds like a longlost classic from 1973 or maybe 1967, it sounds just right. Not heard of him or them or they or who? Know absolutely nothing about SunCutter, need to know more about him or them or who, where or what?

Okay, well he may well be Kevin Pearce, he might well be from Colchester, his previous single Daylight Star might have a bit of a Ritchie Havens meets CatStevens feel, a little more of a mellow thing than the great Ritchie Havens maybe?

“Stand Your Ground surges, soothes, and exudes love and compassion. Sun Cutter is encouraging us to not let the fuckers drag you down. The single is also accompanied by a video which, with its historic footage of 20th century people’s rights marches, underlines Sun Cutter’s conviction that love equates with unconditional freedom and liberal values”.  The single is out on 28th October 2020 on all digital platforms, Stand Your Ground is the 2nd single by Sun Cutter, taken from the forthcoming eponymous debut (released Jan 2021) on Bronzerat Records.


3: Charlie Looker, he of many beutiful things, he of Extra Life and such, has jsut uploaded footage of this rather delicious live cover of an Antony & the Johnsons song. Filmed in Paris in 2016. Explore more of Charlie via his Bandcamp page

This is something like ten years old now but it does remain as fresh and beautiful as the first time we heard it

4: Steve Barton – “Steve has lived in Los Angeles and in San Francisco. Now, he’s living in another fine music town, the political hotbed that is Portland, Oregon”. Actually I have no real idea who Steve Barton is or what he’s been doing but I do rather like this rather dark noir-flavoured piece of warmth, I do like those horns of Doug Wieselman that colur Barton’s poetic flow so well, this new track is apprently a taste of things to come with the new album, a track called ‘Freedom’s Not Free’ from his forthcomimg album Love & Destruction

Steve Barton on Freedom’s Not Free:

“I started writing Freedom’s Not Free as protests around George Floyd were beginning. During the writing of the song, the American civil rights icon John Lewis died. The tributes to his extraordinary life were moving and heartfelt. I thought of him a lot as I finished it up. The line about ‘There’s a river overflowing / There’s a bridge to be crossed’ is directly about the historic march across the bridge that John Lewis was part of in the early 1960s. 

The song’s not like a newspaper article though. I think there’s a certain timelessness to the lyrics. ‘A lifetime in a moment / The moon has got a frown’ speaks about how quickly our lives can be changed. That verse ends with ‘A bird sings at the doorway’, which is meant to be a nod towards hope and the future. Of course, the following line is ‘The flag is upside down’, which does not indicate good times! As with many of my songs, the contrast between two things is there in the words. 

My good friend Doug Wieselman (a great composer/recording artist out of NYC) wrote and played the mind-blowing horn arrangement. I asked for “cool jazz, something like Pharaoh Sanders”. He nailed it. My drummer, Dave Scheff, came up with the perfect hypnotic groove. I play guitar and bass.”

5: Heinali – Now there’s soemthing rather uplifting about this – “On the 13th November, acclaimed Ukranian composer and sound-artist Heinali returns with beautiful, mesmerizing new album ‘Madrigals’, inspired by Renaissance / late Medieval polyphony and created with generative modular synthesis and historial instrumentation”. Find out more via Bandcamp


Oleg Shpudeiko is a music composer and sound artist who records  as  Heinali and writes music for games, films, performances, creates sound art installations and performs live shows. Amongst his works is music for an award-winning video game Bound by Plastic/Sony Santa Monica, SynthTap performance that fuses tap dance and modular synthesis and sound art installations in collections of The National Art Museum of Ukraine and The Museum of Modern Art of Odessa”.

More of this Organ stuff tomorrow, maybe?

ORGAN 35 – Create was and is the word…

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