ORGAN: Five Music Things – In The Pines, the polyrhythms of Blood Music, The Mastelottos romantic takes on King Crimson, a Cooling Prongs mixtape, some TV Priest and a beautiful slice of Lemmy from Hellsongs…

New year, same thing? On we go, there is always music isn’t there? Five more musical things then, five (or so) things that have caught ears over the past few days, five musical things plucked from the overflowing in box or the feeds or the clouds or wherever these things come from. Five slices of music that have come our way and it is all very simple, five things, in no particular order, five sets of links for you to do whatever you want with. Five things we think worth your time, there is always music, there are always typos, there is always art. The art on this page is from the just opened ReCultivate group show, explore it all and find out who made here via this link, go have a look and let it trigger something. Art excites.

Five musical things then, do what you will with these things..

1: in The Pines are from Ohio, they talk of “Chasing a thematic junction of youth, mysticism, and psychedelia, In the Pines are crafting wide-eyed rock music that aims for the heart”. They are indeed, that thirsr track in, The Sun, is where they really nail it, where they do touch the heart ans pull you in to bask in the rest of it. A new album, it came out last week if the date on their Bandcamp is accurate, it kind of sounds like a lost treasure from years ago, but yes, it did just come out, you can find in on their bandcamp or here’s where you go for the vinyl


here they are back in eptember 2020…


2: Blood Music – On ‘Go Off, M8’, Simon Pomery – aka Blood Music – shares six new tracks recorded September-October 2020 “Drum improv: polyrhythms, Bonham and Roach and Graves and Art and Bacon and blastbeats and that voice in the fire escape and nowhere and potatoes and the earth and chickens and greeness and moon observance, solos for solo and duo dancing. We all miss being with people. We’re all doing things to keep going, knowing how much worse the experience of the Other could be. One day maybe we’ll play music with other people in a room.” – find out more here on the Cafe Oto/TakuRoku site. Sound liek a pretty decent first release of the year from the Cafe Oto inhouse label.

And while you’re checking out thing new from the land of Cafe Oto, this is rather rewarding as well; London-based Brazilian artist Adam Matschulat uses his deft approach to musique concrete & electronic minimalism to carve a space of being: a sonic domain that comes to terms with entangled interior and exterior worlds. Find out more here

3 TV Priest – Still haven’t decided if current hypes TV Priest add up ot anything more than just a collection of od other bands and bits that have fallen off The Fall or idly borrowed of those Idles or those Sleaford Mods or that lot from Dublin or? Do they have anything else? Is there an x factor? Has it got legs? Here’s a jusrt released video for a track called Press Gang from their forthcoming debut album Uppers, does it have legs though? I do like them, but do they have legs? Uppers, is due out 5th February 2021 via Sub Pop Records


4: The Mastelottos – Now this sounds interesting, a new album called A Romantic’s Guide To King Crimson due out in February. You can hear three tracks on their Bandcamp page right now. The version of Elephant Talk is a stand out as is their rather beautifulLY refined version of Book Of Saturday, I guess Heartbeat was an obvious choice, it all works rather well. One of the advantages of grinding this Organ is that we get to hear whole albums while you have to wait and make do with just the three tracks that ca nbe heard right now.

Valentine’s Day 2021 delivers an unexpected and welcome surprise with the release of A Romantic’s Guide to King Crimson, the new 12-track album of reinvented King Crimson material by the husband-and-wife duo Deborah and Pat Mastelotto. The collection, which spans the band’s entire history, revisits classics including “Matte Kudasai,” “Heartbeat,” “Moonchild,” “Elephant Talk,” “Peace,” “Exiles,” and “Sleepless.”

Pat has served as one of King Crimson’s drummers from 1995 to the present day. This album resulted from Pat’s observations and Deborah’s insights made after she intermittently joined Pat on tour as part of the King Crimson entourage from 2008 onwards.

“It’s always been a joke in the King Crimson camp that there’s never a line for the women’s restrooms during intermissions,” said Deborah. “King Crimson plays loud and it’s often intense and raucous. But it can also be haunting and melodic, with some of the most beautiful lyrics ever. We wanted to help uncover that sweetness and introduce the songs to a different type of audience with A Romantic’s Guide to King Crimson.””


And oh look, you can go revist the TU album from a good few years back now, we reviewed this one is a rather possitive way bac kwhe nit originally came out. TU were (and maybe still are?) Trey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto of King Crimson.


5: Cooling Prongs – And before we leave the New Year celebrations (did we celebrate?)behind, Cooling Prongs wants to say Happy New Year as well, so he did so in the voice of music! Specifically a new DJ mix featuring Yves Tumor, Information Society, the JaneDear girls, Hardnox, Cowboy Troy, Insane Clown Posse and more. “Only from the mind of Christopher Fleeger aka Cooling Prongs. Be sure to check out his solo album ‘316’ and his collaborative album with Clipping, ‘Double Live’!”


Five years since Lemmy checked out, this rather delicious version of one of his finest musical moments, from Hamburg’s Hellsongs, is well worth a couple of moments of your time..


The art on this page is from the just opened ReCultivate group show, explore it all and find out who made here via this link, go have a look and let it trigger something. Art excites, as does good music.

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