ORGAN PREVIEW: The latest on-line art show from Cultivate will once again be hosted on these pages, opening on Tuesday, Alright?

We will once again host a Cultivate art show, another of what now looks to be a series of monthly on-line art shows brought to you by Cultivate and hosted on these Organ pages. Organ and Cultivate are closely linked of course, you probably know that already, the exhibition will open at 8pm this coming Tuesday evening, Tuesday March 16th. Once again we Cultivate founders will be joined by 37 of our fellow carefully selected and invited artists for a group show featuring 39 of us and I expect around two hundred or so pieces of art, artists gathered from all over the land and indeed the globe, artists searched out and invited, artists from London, from Poland from Italy, from Nigeria, from the US, from Wales, from all over the world  You are invited to come and have a look next Tuesday, or indeed anytime after that for once a show goes up it stays up.

There’s been 14 on-line shows from Cultivate, you can find them all hosted on these Organ pages via this link, the first was back in 2017. The first Cultivate show was back in 2011, most Cultivate shows have bee nphysical affairs, we think, if we’ve counted correctly, Alright? will be the 163 show over the almost ten years that Cultivate has been a thing now…

Meanwhile, you can view the previous two Monthlu on-line shows here



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