ORGAN: Five Recommended Art Things – Jane Dinmore at Jealous, Kate Bickmore at Annka Kultys Gallery, Alice Wilson at Domobaal, Patricia Volk at Pangolin,Charlotte Snook at Bermondsey Project Space…

Patricia Volk – Construction at Pangolin

Where were who or what? Still still poking at things like we did here last week? Same stuff, different day (or week or year). We already said all this, we almost certainly do need to (or maybe don’t need to do?) do the five art things thing again don’t we? We probably should? The art of repetition? Where were we? No one ever reads the editorial at the top, we could say anything here. We are kind of still repeating ourselves whilst under stress, did you even notice the repeating? Do you just cut to the chase every single time?. And well, we could do it again, we could? We could? We really could? Shall we? Who reads this? What is this Five Art Things thing? We said all this last week didn’t we? And the week before…

Five art things, five more art things happening somewhere around right now, or coming up any moment now, five art shows to check out in the coming days, an (almost) weekly round up of recommended art events. Five shows, exhibitions or things we rather think might be worth checking out. Mostly London things for that is where we currently operate and explore, and like we said last time (and the time before), these five recommendations come with no claims that they are “the best five” or the “Top Five”, we’re not one of those annoying art websites that ignore most things whilst claiming to be covering everything and proclaiming this or that to be the “top seven things” or the “best things this weekend”, no, this is simply a regular list of five or so art things coming up soon that we think you might find as interesting as we do.

Five art things coming up in the next few days in no particular order, and not a hint of selfie of any of us hanging out at the damn show next to a piece of art either, just five art things coming up…

1: Jane Dinmore – Recent Works at Jealous East –  “We’re excited to be exhibiting new and recent works by artist Jane Dinmore in her debut solo exhibition at Jealous East, showcasing a colourful collection of original works on paper and canvas, as well as a print edition created in the Jealous Print Studios” so says a jealous person. In the artists own words, she “plays with vibrant colours and shapes to create animated landscapes and obscure narratives full of energy, momentum, concealment and possibility. This collection of paintings and drawings on paper have been formed by layering buoyant form with spontaneous gestures and definite marks. In order to create witty compositions, the works use cartoon language, favouring the absurd.” The gallery go on to say “We hope you can join us for the exhibition Private View which will be taking place on Thursday 23rd September 6.30-8.30pm at Jealous East. All are welcome”

Jane Dinmore Recent Works runs from 23rd September – 3rd October 2021 at Jealous East, 53 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3PT. (Just on the corner, over the road from the old Blue Last)

Kate Bickmore at Annka Kultys Gallery

2: Kate Bickmore at Annka Kultys Gallery – “An exhibition of new large-scale oil paintings of flowers by London-based US artist Kate Bickmore, inspired by her queer identity”. The painting just there kind of tells you all you need to know for now. The Annka Kultys Gallery is at 472 Hackney Road, Unit 9, London, E2 9EQ. The show has already opened, it runs until16th October 2021, if you need more we review it after a nexellent opening night, follow the link for more words and a few more flavours. ORGAN THING: Kate Bickmore’s must-see paintings went on show at the Annka Kultys Gallery last night…

Kate Bickmore

3: Alice Wilson – A Mild Epiphany On My Bike at Domobaal – Alice Wilson’s exhibition ‘A Mild Epiphany On My Bike’ takes up occupancy with an installation at the centre of the gallery.

“Alice Wilson’s exhibition ‘A Mild Epiphany On My Bike’ takes up occupancy with an installation at the centre of the gallery. Wilson’s practice has regularly used elements of landscape furniture and structures such as gates, benches, chairs, huts, cabins and treehouses as both subject and object. ‘A Mild Epiphany On My Bike’ presents work which takes elements of architecture and building in their most elemental, Laugierian sense.

Wilson rejects the specificity of a particular form or site. Instead, she is interested in exploring ideas of home and space. It is not a final representation that she works towards, but through the act of construction she is able to understand better what the fundamental meaning of the material is for her. None of the material Wilson uses is new; the nails, paint, hinges and splinters having lost their original function. However, rather than memorialising their histories, Wilson explores new ways of combining and framing her material to push it towards unfamiliarity.

The installation appears as a primary act of construction, with wooden beams joining in moments of tension, compression and suspension. Wooden planks and logs variously fulfil the roles of columns, beams and joists. Whereas Marc–Antoine Laugier’s logs formed the primitive hut, Wilson’s installation appears not to have a recognisable architectural superstructure. Yet the viewer still interacts with it in fundamentally architectural ways.

Wilson has often returned to the idea of ‘the treehouse’ but here her work seems to be a distillation of the act of building said treehouse; in fact it appears in equal parts both tree and house. If understood architecturally, this work remains closer to the methodology of the medieval master mason than the modern architect. It is the product of many individual decisions that occur as the form grows. The act of building is an organic process here. The palimpsestic quality of this piece is evident: there are sections of log with bark remaining, beams are littered with holes, nails, screws, scratches and paint, all of which appear like growths or cut branches. Quite where and how the wood will grow and form next is unknown but change seems inevitable”. (With many thanks to Ben Zombory–Moldovan for the text)

Domobaal is at 3 John Street, London, WC1N 2ES. The show opens on Friday 24th September and then runs until December 18th (open night, 5pm until 8pm)

Alice Wilson – A Mild Epiphany On My Bike at Domobaal

4: Charlotte Snook –  New Paintings at Bermondsey Project Space – We’re not above a bit of tradition and a big sky, “Charlotte Snook is a British figurative painter who uses her knowledge of art history together with a free-roaming imagination to make images in jewel-like oils which can be as edgy as they are exquisite”.

“Snook is among a group of artists who are unafraid of referencing, and in some cases quoting iconic historical art. Her art allows for the apocalyptic nature of the world. She takes Poussin, Rubens, Claude and often fairly obscure Baroque painters as her starting points but Tiepolo has been an enduring favourite.    Charlotte says “When I came to St Leonards after a couple of years living in a deep valley in Southern France I was entranced by the big skies and exquisite cloud formations here and they reminded me of Tiepolo skies”.

Bermondsey Project Space is at 183-185 Bermondsey Street, (adjacent to White Cube Bermondsey), London, SE1 3UW. The show runs from 28th September until October 9th

Charlotte Snook –  New Paintings at Bermondsey Project Space

5: Patricia Volk – Construction at Pangolin – “This beautifully bright and colourful installation of ceramics by Patricia Volk offers a glimpse of the artist’s new direction concentrating on bold, sculptural form. During the Covid lockdowns ceramic artist Patricia Volk decided to let loose and explore scale and volume with a new energetic vigour. Pushing the clay and her technique of slab -building to the limit, ‘Construction’ explores this new departure with big,  bold and brightly painted ceramics that combine singular elements to form exciting dialogues.”

Pangolin is found at Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG. The show runs from 29th September until 27th November with an opening night on September 28th (6pm until 8pm) 

Patricia Volk – Construction at Pangolin

More in a few days I expect….


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