ORGAN THING: Before the year ends, a little more trumpet blowing and a marking of ten years of carefully Cultivated art shows…

Emma Harvey – Fleshed, Cultivate, 2013.

Cultivate, a sometimes permanently fixed in one place gallery, a sometimes nomadic thing, came into being ten years ago this year, actually it was Autumn 2011 when, following on from the Stinging Netil, Cultivate came into being halfway down Vyner Street. Before 2021 ends, we’ll just quietly mark the ten years with juSt some of the many images (and by nomeans all) we have hanging around.

I do say that we are artists first, and (slightly reluctant) gallerist/curators second, the making of art, painting mostly, does come first, we have been curating art shows for the last 10 or so years now though – exhibitions, events, gallery shows, group shows, things out there on the street, shows in condemned London warehouses, in offices, in formal white-walled galleries, in and old Edwardian drapery shops in car parks, under railway bridges, in street-art basements, a run of shows in an old East London greengrocer’s shop as well as a four year full on non-stop run of shows smack bang in the middle of East London’s now mythical Vyner Street. Cultivate is brought to you by two artists, Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey alongside an evolving cast of contributors

At the end of 2021 the estimate is something like 170 curated art shows under the Cultivate banner,  including some 17 on-line shows. Slightly reluctant yes but the curation of shows and the pulling together of artists and art-followers is a big part of our art practice, I do see the showing of other people’s art as part of my art, there is a thrill in opening a show, in quietly listening to people’s reactions…

In no particular order and and with no apologies for not labelling any of the 2000 plus artists who have featured in the exhibitions and events, a slide show of just some of the many events curated…

Do please click on an image to enlarge or to run the slide show

And coming up next…

5 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: Before the year ends, a little more trumpet blowing and a marking of ten years of carefully Cultivated art shows…

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