ORGAN: Five pieces of art – Wawi Navarroza’s beautifully stylised photographs, Wayne Thiebaud’s cakes, Kayla Mahaffey, Martha Cooper, Petro, Madeleine Strindberg’s paintings…

Wayne Thiebaud

The now and again Five Pieces of Art thing (again)? Well why not (again)? All this art flowing past on various feeds or wrapped up in press releases or jumping off actual gallery walls or wrapping chips or passing on the side of those Whitechapel white vans. So we ask (again) why not five pieces of art every couple of week or so alongside everything else that appears on this tractured pages on a daily basis? Can you think of one good reason why not to (again)? Well besides the time involved and the this and the that and the dancing around and the skins on the tims of paint.

Five pieces of art then, a semi regular feature, just five pieces of art that have passed our way in the last few days, nothing more (or less) than that., nothing really to do with an upcoming show or anything else (although maybe they are), just a simple, semi regular five pieces of art feature. Let’s do it again…

Wayne Thiebaud – Boston Cremes (1962)

1: Wayne Thiebaud, that fine painter of cakes, we have to start here today, he did know how ot paint a cake 9and a whole lot more besides), “The American artist Wayne Thiebaud, whose luscious, colorful paintings of cakes and San Francisco cityscapes combined sensuousness, nostalgia and a hint of melancholy, has died. He was 101”. He doesn’t really need a word from us, I expect his life and his art will be celebrated far and wide this week. It is good to read he was still painting right up to the end, there a good piece on the Guardian website should you wish to read more, we’ll just park an image of a painting here by way of a show of both respect and celebration.

Wayne Thiebaud “Pies, Pies, Pies” (1961)

And here’s some Kayla Makaffey boldness, there’s always fun to be found in her pieces, far far more than jsut that though….

Kayla Mahaffey – Winner Takes All”

2: Kayla Mahaffey – “Safe Passage” for 2021 Wynwood Walls “beautifully spraypainted by Chicago
artist Kayla Mahaffey” so said Martha Cooper. We just stole the photo from, do hope Martha doesn’t mind too much, I was one of the people who bought her book (the week it came out), apparently it is the msot stolen book in the world. “Wynwood Walls was established in 2009 by the legendary placemaker and visionary Tony Goldman, as an outdoor museum of international street art”, you find it in Miami.

Kayla Mahaffey photographed by Martha Cooper

And these Five Pieces Of Art pages really are mostly just about pieces of art, paintings mostly, pieces of art that have passed our way. Art excites, sometimes a photographer excites, certainly Martha Cooper’s photographs of art and artists has constantly excited for years now, here’s an Organ pages from five years back – ORGAN: Martha Cooper you and your damn book, you ruined my life! Martha Cooper’s Lifework opens at Stolen Space this Thursday…

3: Petro – That Petro take on that Martha Cooper book we mentioned just then and here’s an interesting piece from earlier this year – ORGAN THING: Petro and The World’s Most Stolen Book, a new collection of eleven original paintings and…

And talking of interesting photographers or people who use their cameras to paint, Wawi Navarroza

Wawi Navarroza

4: Wawi Navarroza, according the infomation that came from Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery with the rather strong second image from her on this page, “was born in 1979 in Manila, Philippines where she currently lives and works. In 2002, Navarroza graduated with a BA in Communication Arts, with honours from De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines and in 2009 attended International Center of Photography in New York. In 2012 she completed her scholarship for the Eauropean Master of Fine Art Photography programme at the Istituto Europeo di Design-Madrid, Spain. Wawi Navarroza creates works across a wide range of media, but is primarily known for her use of photography in her art practice. The artist creates highly stylised photographs in which she investigates displacements, disorientation and discovery, reflecting on the exploration of a deeper sense of place and identity. Navarroza was awarded Kuala Lumpur International Photography Awards in 2018 and has widely exhibited her works in solo and group shows globally”.

Wawi Navarroza

5: Madeleine Strindberg – We were going through thousands of old photos from the first ten years of Cultivate, Madeleine has been a regular contributor ro our shows for most of that time – ORGAN THING: Before the year ends, a little more trumpet blowing and a marking of ten years of carefully Cultivated art shows… – there are no decent photos of these two big paintings which is really annoying, they’re two of her best from recent years, people really should take a closer look at Madeleine’s paintings.

Madeleine Strindberg

Another nice images of Madeleine Strindberg paintings, she will be in our next show, Deflect, that one opens on January 11th 2022 but we did say this page was not about forthcoming shows…

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