ORGAN THING: The latest Art on a Postcard mini auction,in aid of Ukrainian refugees, featuring Courtney Love, Danny Fox, Marc Quinn, Lily Macrae and more is happening right now. Here’s our picks…

The latest Art on a Postacard mini auction, this time cureated by India Rose James is happening right now. The auction is in aid of Choose Love and their Ukraine appeal, supporting Ukrainian refugees, and once again, as is always the case with Art on a Postcard, all the participating artists have donated the work for free. In order to bid you must register with The Auction Collective. Bidding starts at £50 on each lot. We wrote a preview a couple of weeks back – ORGAN PREVIEW: An Art on a Postcard mini auction for Ukraine with Choose Love and artist, curator, and gallery owner India Rose James…

The auction runs unril 2pm on April 21st 2002 Bid here

There’s also a viewing of the Cards, a so called Private view – “Please join us on 12th April at Soho Revue for the Private View of our mini auction guest curated by India Rose James

Here’s what the Art on a Postcard people have to say…

“Incredible names such as Courtney Love, Joe Lycett, Alma Berrow, Danny Fox, Olivia Sterling, Nettle Grellier and Layla Andrews have created unique postcard sized masterpieces for Art on a Postcard’s auction with curator and gallerist India Rose James. A selection of over thirty handmade postcards by leading rising talents will be auctioned with bidding starting at just £50. All proceeds will go to CHOOSE LOVE in support of their Ukrainian appeal.

Art on a Postcard was founded by Gemma Peppé and The Hepatitis C Trust with the aim of championing the power of art to do good for marginalised, oppressed, and at-risk individuals. Their auctions are usually in aid of The Trust’s work to eradicate Hep C, however for this edition Gemma Peppé and India Rose James have chosen to deviate from this tradition considering the urgent situation in Ukraine. 

Gemma Peppé comments, “We have decided to donate the funds from our auction with India Rose James to Choose Love in support of Ukrainian citizens enduring this terrible time. My mother was in arrested in Livi in 1939 at a very young age and spent her formative years in a Russian gulag. As a result, the awful situation in Ukraine touched me on a personal level and I feel compelled to do something.”

India Rose James adds, “I’ve been a big supporter of the Choose Love cause for years now. What’s more, the team share my passion for supporting emerging artists through their platform; they are a dream to work with and I feel very lucky be supporting their cause for a second time this year through art, particularly when their work is so vitally important right now.”

Having founded her gallery Soho Revue in 2019, India Rose James has an incomparable knowledge of the most noteworthy emerging voices in the London art scene. She platforms exceptional new talent through her diverse exhibition program. Alongside this, she has worked with CHOOSE LOVE on several occasions and continues this essential philanthropic work through her partnership with Art on a Postcard”.

There are 52 pieces in the mini auction, to pick out our twelve favourites is a little out of order, it is of course all subjective and everyone one is going to find a different favourite, we really shouldn’t do it but here are our twelve selections… (sw)

Our (unfair) picks, do please click on an image to enlarge or to run the slideshow….

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