ORGAN THING: Ghost Car do it again and we’ll eat it again, we’ll eat it again, eat it again. Another single, Sushi Addict, thrilliant! Truly trashy…

Organ Thing of The Day: A fourth track, a single of whatever, ‘Sushi Addict’, has just been released ahead of the album itself, actually all four so called single would have made for classic punk rock seven inchers back in the day and sushi is rather addictive isn’t it? Was it sushi? SO far everything we’ve heard from this Ghost Car album has been thrilliant (and no, that wasn’t a typo, I know we have lots), Ghost Car really are thrilliant, they’re addictive, they’re vitally good (and they’ve been all over our playlists in recent months), Thrilliant!


Here’s what the press release says

“Ghost Car, the London-based international punk quartet, announced their debut album ‘Truly Trash’ following their signing to One Little Independent Records. The riotous, quick-witted collection of 11 garage-rock bangers will be released on October 28th.  The album provides Ghost Car with a platform to rage against political injustices, as their unified harmonies attack patriarchal inequality, homophobia, racism and toxic relationships. ‘Truly Trash’ is a call to reclaim autonomy and to revolt against the powers that uphold an archaic nationalist system.
New single, the bite-sized ‘Sushi Addict’ deals in distorted, jumped-up chaos. They tell us that “it’s nice to not take yourself too seriously all the time. We like sushi, we like playing this song live and it’s fun, and sometimes that’s enough! It’s the shortest but the most fun of our songs. People love it because they can identify with what we are saying and that’s wicked”.  Right out the gate ‘Truly Trash’ makes its intentions clear. Raw intensity builds toward blistering, riff-heavy noise-outs while frenzied synth drags the sound in a 60’s psych direction. Call-and-response gang vocals permeate the entire record as back-to-back choruses keep energy levels at maximum, boasting huge glam guitars and caustic drums of pure fury.
“This album is our way to express what bothers us, from personal interactions to international politics. We wanted to explore different themes in a simple way so that they could be accessible to everyone.”
Originally the album was due to be released by Burger Records, however as accounts of sexual assault and exploitation of women by associates of the label came to light the band pulled out of the planned release. As activists for feminism and members of the LGBTQ+ community, Ghost Car practice what they preach, and aim to spread their mantra of inclusivity and equal rights as loud as possible.
Ghost Car aim to utilize their diversity to explore different writing styles, while expressing themes of honesty and empowerment. They’ve been championed by the likes of Mickey Bradley (Undertones), Skin and Du Blonde, and are deeply inspired by the late Lyndell Mansfield. They’ve also grown as performers supporting the likes of Shonen Knife, Amyl and The Sniffers and Beth Ditto, while remaining a London headline mainstay….”

Find the album and details on Bandcamp


Live dates
24.11 – The Lexington, London
30.11 – Rough Trade East, London 
09.12 – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
10.12 – Elsewhere, Margate

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