ORGAN THING: Sissyfit, one more blast, one more gloriously confrontational punk rock blast before the year ends…


Sissyfit – Resist – Sabotage – Disrupt – Now we can’t reasonably be expected to be on top of everything all of the time, hell, we can claim to have been on top of more than most during the long life of this damn Organ thing! This roar of album apparently came out back in May and we can’t reasonably end the year without shouting about it. it was only a series of links that took us from Death Pill via a Nekra demo from 2017 and a blistering song called Art School (go consult our latest playlist for then one, and expect it to reappear for Mixtape 3 companion soundtrack as well) to the glorious sound Sissyfit. Brilliant name, they back it up! This is seriously wholesome punk rock goodness and shame on us for only just bring it to you (in a rather rushed manner) at the very end of December! They’re from Stockton, California, there’s five of them in the band, there’s six tracks on the release, they speed through them all in just under ten glorious stomping thrashing punk rock minutes. You can argue about if this is an album or a single or an EP, frankly I don’t care for this is ten vital minutes of beautiful hardcore in your face no messing urgently thrashing punk rock tantrum throwing brilliance. This really does bring on a whole riot of resistance, sabotage and a whole glorious bag load of healthy disruption. Now no one is claiming this Stockton gang are doing anything that radically different, we’ve heard all this before but hey, their cocktail of confrontational punk rock is just about nail-hit-on-the-head perfect and you can go find it (and download it at a pay what you want price of whatever you want) over on Bandcamp. Don’t ask me if that’s a Britney Spears song in the middle of it all, how the hell should I know? Go ask Breanna Rae, she the brilliant frontwoman ripping things up here. Hey look, there the Bandcamp, find some 2021 footage further down and what more do you need? Off you go! Love it! Sad Girl Goon Squad indeed!

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2 thoughts on “ORGAN THING: Sissyfit, one more blast, one more gloriously confrontational punk rock blast before the year ends…

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