ORGAN THING: A slice of fresh punk rock confrontation from The Oozes, a slice so good they’re almost as good as Sissyfit!

The Oozes have a new song, out THing of The Day today, it confronts in that delightful way most Oozes songs do, no blah blah blah here, it has been kicking about for a week or so, I kind of imaging Oozes song do kick about. You did seem to like that slice that came with the Mixtape mixtape and well personally, I think The Oozes are brilliantly good for your soul, the prefect band to be posting on Valentine’s Day. Here’s the links (wish they’d do the Bandcamp thing). There’s more here including news on their next London show – ORGAN: Five music things – Fleuves Noirs, the glorious punk rock of The Oozes, Jenny O’s new album, Gina Birch plays her bass loudly, The Psychotic Monks have a new single and… The only band we’#re listening to more than The Oozes is Sissyfit

Here, have some more Sissyfit, right now we can’t get enough Sissyfit….. ORGAN THING: Sissyfit, one more blast, one more gloriously confrontational punk rock blast before the year ends…



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