ORGAN PREVIEW: This Tuesday evening Cultivate follows Mixtape No.3 by opening the latest Three x Three exhibition featuring the art of Julia Maddison, Milly Aburrow and Patricia Figueiredo…

As you may just have noticed, there is on-line Spring Season of online art exhbitions unerway, brought to you by Cultivate, the second show of the season opens this evening, Tuesday 14th February. The close links between Organ and Cultivate ate well documented of course, and yes this is a case of us blowing out own trumpets yet again, here’s what it says on the Cultivate website today ahead of tonight’s launch…

“Is that a hint of Spring and a whole load of sunshine coming in to the Studio?  As you probably know by now, we’ve embarked on a Spring Season of Cultivate on-line exhibitions. We kicked off last Tuesday with the opening of Mixtape No.3, a rather busy 36 artist group show (once again hosted here on the Organ magazine website) and this Tuesday evening we follow Mixtape No.3 by opening the latest Three x Three exhibition. There’s plenty of information about the Three x Three shows here on the Cultivate website, the series of shows, of which this is the seventh, are very simple, three artists sharing space with each other. The Three x Three shows started back in the Vyner Street days…

The first four Three x Three shows happened during Cultivate’s notorious Vyner Street period, a wall each handed over to an artist in our almost triangular shaped East London corner space, artists such as Ben Fenton, My Dog Sighs, Paula MacArthur, Charlie McFarley, the much missed Ish Sahotay and quite a few more. The last physical Three x Three show happened in 2012, the reviving of the format was well overdue, and yes, with Cultivate now being nomadic  this seventh along with last year’s fifth and sixth episodes, as well as the next ones, will be happening on-line (actually there might well be another physical Three x Three on the horizon but that’s news for another day). If you haven’t checkout Part Six (featuring Lisa Denyer, Liz Griffiths and Madeleine Strindberg) or indeed Part Five (featuring Melike, Mark Burrell and Sofia Martins Gray) then both shows are still there to be viewed on the Organ website. Once we open an on-line show, we see no reason to close it, all 27 online exhibitions are still open. Three x Three (Part Seven) will be our 28th Cultivate online show and we think the 183rd Cultivate exhibition or event in all.

So we shall open Three x Three (Part Seven) this evening, this time featuring the art of Julia Maddison, Milly Aburrow and Patricia Figueiredo, the show will open at 7pm this evening, Tuesday 14th February. The exhibition will once again be hosted, as all previous Cultivate online shows have been, on the Organ website. We’ll post the direct link on our websites and social media feeds once the show has opened at 7pm, hopefully the artists will as well, what those feed now. The show is all “hung” and ready to go, it looks damn good even if we do say so ourselves, it looks exciting, three rather strong artists, we’re enjoying this Spring Season so far…  “

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