ORGAN PREVIEW: Cultivate’s latest online exhibition, Mixtape No.4 opens tomorrow as the Spring Series of shows goes on…


We continue to host Cultivate’s Spring Season of on-line art exhibitions on these Organ pages, the relationship between Organ and Cultivate is well documented of course. The Spring season enters a second month, we follow February’s rather successful shows with a second Mixtape show of the season. Mixtape No.4 will open tomorrow, Tuesday February 14th, 7pm UK time, once again we expect big numbers in terms of viewers from all over the globe, previous shows have attracted tens of thousands of visitors, we’re certainly seeing value in these ongoing online exhibitions and, as we have said several times already, we do like the way they take us beyond the London bubbles and (the new breed of) gatekeepers that are now emerging. 

Once again curated by Cultivate founders Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey, we established Cultivate as a then Vyner Street based physical gallery here in East London, Cultivate is now nomadic and doing things in different physical and online forms. We established Cultivate back in 2011, we kind of keep it going as defiant artist-led thing, flying in the face of it all and we’re rather pleased with this ongoing Spring series of exhibitions. Mixtape No.4 will once again feature 42 artists and around two hundred pieces of carefully selected work, artists from all over the land and indeed the world, some new to Cultivate, some names familiar to those who regularly check out our shows.

This latest Mixtape show  –   It occurred to us that what we were doing was a little like creating a mixtape, that we were gathering together a whole load of artists from all over the land and presenting a whole bag of art that was exciting us in the hope that it would excite you as well, and that, rather like the bands and music you might hear on a mixtape someone had made for you, that you’d go and check out a bit more about those bands or in this case those painters, printmakers textile artists and such.  And so this is the fourth of what will probably be quite a number of Mixtape exhibitions, the first, Mixtape No.1, happened back at the start of October, since then there’s been a couple of Three x Three on line shows and Mixtape No2 and 3.  We’re already busy curating Mixtape No.5 – this latest Mixtape show is the second of this Spring Season of exhibitions. Mixtape No.4 will be followed by the slightly delayed solo show from exciting Turkish artist Melike, the show was going to happen back in February, we delayed it out of respect for the people caught up in the earthquake. Melike is Istanbul based, she was fine but as with most people in Turkey, she had friends and family caught up in it all.  We shall also be along with another of our Three x Three shows at the end on the month and the Spring Series will carry on with three more online shows in April before we get back to physical things and leave the online shows for a bit, probably until Autumn?   

View Mixtape No.3 here


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