ORGAN PREVIEW: Cultivate’s Spring Season of online art exhibitions goes on with one more Mixtape group show, a Mark Burrell solo show and an eighth Three x Three show featuring the art of Vesna Parchet, Christopher Tansey and Vicki Salmi…

The Third Mixtape group show of Cultivate’s Spring Season and the fifth Mixtape show in all, will open, once again hosted on the Organ website, on Tuesday April 25th. Mixtape No.5 will be the final show of what has been a very busy Cultivate Spring Season of online shows that started back in February of this year with Mixtape No.3, all the exhibitions have been hosted here on these Organ pages (the links between Organ and Cultivate are well doccumented).

By the time the season of online exhibitions, curated by artists and Cultivate founders Emma Harvey and Sean Worrall, concludes at the end April it will have featured something like 80 pro-active artists from all over the land and indeed the globe. Cultivate, originally opened as a physical artis-led gallery based on East London’s rather artistically exciting Vyner Street in back in 2011, has a long history of providing a platform or a stepping stone for artists from all kinds of backgrounds. There has now been over 180 Cultivate exhibitions and events, 30 of which have been online shows. The next show, Three x Three (Part Eight) featuring Vesna Parchet, Christopher Tansey and Vicki Salmi opens tomorrow, Tuesday April 4th, the show will be Cultivate’s 31st online exhibtion.

Cultivate, in terms of physical shows, is now nomadic, developers and greed did for Vyner Street some time ago. Post the street, shows have taken place in conventional gallery spaces, at the seaside, in condemned East London warehouses, under railway bridges, a series of shows in an old greengrocers shop, in an Edwardian dress-makers shop, at a dog show, a weekend of painting, installation and performance in an office space undergoing a refurbishment, a series of shows in a basement more associated with street art,  at music festivals, who knows where the Cultivation will continue this summer?  

The full Cultivate Spring Season looks like this…

Mixtape No.5 opening on April 25th

Mark Burrell – A Solo show opening on April 18th

Three x Three (Part Eight) featuring Vesna Parchet, Christopher Tansey and Vicki Salmi opening on April 4th 23

Melike – A Solo Show opened on March 21st 2023 – the link

Mixtape No.4 opened on March 14th 2023 – the link

Three x Three (Part Seven) featuring Julia Maddison, Milly Aburrow and Patricia Figueiredo opened on February 14th 2023, the link

Mixtape No.3 opened February 7th 2023 – the link

Mixtape No.2 opened November 15th 2022 – the link

For a full list of Cultivate online shows that started in February 2017 go here

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