ORGAN THING: So who are all these bands on the Cheer-Accident tour? Who are Zap Black and the Sixth Century Future Recovery Group or Planchette or Savage Knights or Star Period Star or Green Comma or Meob or Rabbit Rabbit Radio or…

Cheer Accident (2022)

So Cheer Accident have just been touring their US homelands, why does this matter to us? Well because, as we’ve said many times, Cheer Accident are a genuinely forward looking band, a properly progressive one, one of the most exciting bands out there and right now, being the relatively well kept secret they are, Cheer Accident have been playing all these shall we say intimate venues and we keep seeing the flyers on their social media feeds and wondering who all the bands they’re playing with actually are? I mean, here we are on Sunday morning in our Hackney bunker here in London considering cricket and another cup of tea, and trying to find out who or what Zap Black is or are? We’ve already been listening to Planchette quite a bit over the last couple of weeks, a new namr to us when it came up on one of te gig flyers that made us go and find out. We were alreadt thinking we’d write something about her cello and that soothing Planchette sound, but now we’ve danced around Zap Black’s architecture a little, we’ll just throw up a signpost or two to some of the bands who have been opening on the tour. you lot over there probably know about these bands already but over here we probably don’t so let’s got explore and, before we do, here’s some wholesomely raw footage from the Cheer Accident tour and a gig at the Wormhole and what a great name for a venue and Back in Black indeed…

1: Zap Black & the Sixth Century Future Recovery Group – “Sixth Century Future Recovery Group is to make music to art. It is the paint brush to the canvas as the instrument is to the musician. To create is to be alive, and to be alive is to be human. We embrace the humanity in music as it helps us create and reach what we long for that cannot be put into words but can be enacted in the music setting. Hope you enjoy”. Here’s the Zap Black Facebook page, there’s their 2020 album on Bandcamp. We give you these things so you can go explore and make your own minds up…


2: Planchette – “Drawing from extreme frequencies within the sound spectrum, Planchette finds warmth in harsh sounds and unexpected inspiration in the minutiae of near-silence through improvisation, delayed loops, and acoustic resonance”.

“This is a compilation of cello improvisations recorded from March through August 2022. They each have an accompanying video that can be found on my YouTube channel. I originally created these for a series I titled “Five Minute Fadeaways”, videos intended to quiet the mind and allow the listener space to relax for a few moments”.

“This is the only cello I have known. 23 years of playing the same instrument through conservatory, orchestras, rock bands and experimental groups and it still bewilders me the spectrum of colours and light that it is capable of emitting. I use a simple line of effects pedals: loop, delay, EHX Slammi polyphonic shifter, but I think this collection will demonstrate the plethora of acoustic resonances the cello gifts us”.

And here’s the full set from Cheer Accident’s gig in Washington DC last week….

And here’s eight minutes from somewhere in Columbia, a slice of new song played back on August 14th, “Even Has A Half-Life and a new song…”

And here’s some Zap Black from last year

3: ExtraOcula from what we can work out are Matthew Shelton’s mbira/kalimba songs, performed with cellist Nora Barton (Planchette) and guitarist Alexis Dionissopoulos. “An odd assortment of instruments performing original tunes rooted in folk, pop and blues structures, with bursts of spaced-out improv”, the opened on one of tge nights on the tour and we can find very little actual Extra Ocula, we can find some of Matthew’s songs and their Facebook page has some fine rehearsal footage and an impressive black and white cat and a rather decent Queen cover and there is this page and well go explore…

4: Savage Knights – was this the Savage Knights who were on the bill in Durham on the 16th? if they weren’t them maybe they should have been? We need a detective here, or we need you to tell us, you people who went or played or…


This Saxohone drone in Reddish-Brown could be something to do with Savage Knights, do like a reddish-brown saxophone drone

5: Star Period Star were on the bill on August 13th, actually Star Period Star are a band who have enjoyed coverage both here and via our radio waves as well as back in our days of print. Here’s an album review from back in 2018 – ORGAN THING: Star Period Star are back with a prog as flip new album… and here is that album on Bandcamp


6: Green Comma talk of “Post-neo classical no wave chamber rock in opposition or something..”, they’re from Knoxville, TN which in turn is where they played with Cheer Accident last week and the Pilot Light, $10 on the door, cash only, good, cash only gigs are a good thing. Who knows what’s going on with that Bandcamp page, go ask them. I guess they’re still working out the name of the band as well – “Another day, another name change! Green Comma (previously Okra Smuggler & Thong Tree) will be testing new material at Pilot Light…” they said


7: Meob say they are “Specializing in both major and minor, sharp and flat, loud and louder, fast and less fast”. Let’s quote yer man from the Knoxville Mercury step in here –

“If you spent the 2000s listening to all the right indie rock, Knoxville trio Meob’s self-titled debut may offer a sustained and rather welcome sense of deja vu. It’s clear by the end of opener “Keroshina” that frontman Andrew Sayne wears influences like Modest Mouse on his sleeve, and a later highlight alludes to Built to Spill in both title and minute sonic detail. But atop crisp, restless post-emo rhythms (thank Gamenight’s Josh Manis, who drums and produces here), Meob is importing these touchstones, as opposed to just mimicking or ripping off.

Still, none of that would matter if the songs didn’t do justice to the acts they evoke, and none of it would work if the trio weren’t so terrifically attuned. But Sayne shows a strong sense for both hooks and structure, and the combination leaves the band with some exhilarating tricks up their sleeve as unexpected flourishes (the horns in “Stalwarts of East Jackson,” for instance, or the wordless chorus that closes out “Built to Chill”) end up being key moments. Meob’s sound may be sourced from spare parts, but the care with which they’ve glued them all back together makes for an impressive debut.” Nick Huinker (The Knoxville Mercury)

Here’s there 2017 album that you can find on Bandcamp, there’s also a one off track from 2020 called Jazz Cabbage on there



Hang on, here’s the whole Cheer-Accident set from the Uncle Fester’s show in Columbia, this page isn’t really about Cheer-Accident though, it really is about some of the bands who’ve been sharing stages with them, the names on the flyers that got us curious…

but then if you don’t already know why, here’s some further reading and listening and two recent Cheer Accident albums

ORGAN THING: Cheer Accident’s new album – oh look, if you already know then you know, if you don’t then you really should. Here Comes The Sunset cranks up the prog and a whole lot more (again)


ORGAN THING: The outrageously rewarding new Cheer Accident album, the Chicago band’s twentieth, surely they have no right to still be this good…


Hang on, just as this page was coming to an end in rush Rabbit Rabbit Radio. Cheer-Accident just said something about Rabbit Rabbit Radio playing in their legendary basement later this year. “Rabbit Rabbit Radio is the song-spinning duo of Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi. Collectively, they are founding members of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Tin Hat, 2 Foot Yard, Causing a Tiger, The Book of Knots, and Fred Frith’s Cosa Brava. Drawing on their love of both art & folk song, industrial & improvised music and heart-wrenching balladry, their songs are raw, beautiful, sparse and rich”. Find them on Bandcamp.


“In an odd twist of fate, Rabbit Rabbit Radio (our Dear Dear friends, Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi) will be playing with us in our very own CheerAx Basement on Thursday, October 6th. There will be room for about 40 of you, so come early and come often! 7pm. $20”. More details on the Cheer Accident Facebook page

Hang on, stop press again, another gig announced, this time at some place called Red Flag, 3040 Locust Street St. Louis, MO on october 14th, here’s the details, they’re sharing the bill with Season To Risk, a “post-hardcore rock band from Kansas City, Missouri since 1989”, here’s some of what they do via Bandcamp, we really must stop this now or we’ll never post this page up…


More of this kind of thing tomorrow or the day after, maybe… The Other Rock show is back on air via Resonance FM next Sunday, start of a new season after a short Summer break, expect some of these bands to feature… Here’s a previous show – ORGAN: This week’s Other Rock Show and Ou and High Castle Teleorkestra and Black Midi and Vangelis and lots more, listen to it here…

STOP PRESS: Hang on, I got that wrong, the show is back on Sunday September 18th.

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