ORGAN THING: An exclusive reveal of that new Terms track on that forthcoming SkinGraft compilation as well as news of the dynamic duo’s new album and some live dates at last…

Now where were we? Trying not to step on pigeons and listening to that new SkinGraft compilation album we mentioned a couple of weeks back, the one loaded with all kinds of intriguing goodies – ORGAN THING: SkinGraft, surely one of the best labels on the planet, get ready to celebrate their 150th release with David Yow joining Yowie, USA Nails, with Scissor Girl Azita and Lovely Little Girls covering Celtic Frost! – the one where surely Jesus Lizard’s David Yow collaborating with Yowie should surely be credited as a David Yowie track. That album, “Sounds To Make You Shudder!” is out in October, we already featured the excellent USA Nails track back via that link you just passed. We’ll review the whole album a little closer to the release date of October 21st.

Today we have an exclusive reveal of the new Terms track that features on the album, an album that also features new things or unreleased things from The Flying Luttenbachers, Bobby Conn, the brilliant PILI COïT and quite a few more exciting names, full details further down the page, that offering from Former Scissor Girl and past, present and future Azita Youssefi is rather good. 

Today though is about Terms, and so, with no more messing about, here it is. There’s lots more about the dynamic duo underneath the track (that we’re told you can’t hear anywhere else but here via Organ right now)   

So what’s the sketch then? Well, back there in 2020 when the then freshly formed Terms, like almost every other frustraited band on the globe, were unable to gig or tour, back when we were all locked down and watching the Covid numbers, when music venues and art galleries were all shut, back there when Terms were busy releasing their debut album, easily one of the albums of that year – ORGAN: That best albums of 2020 list (at last), Cheer Accident, Michael J Sheehy, Le Grand Sbam, Odessey & Oracle, Penny Rimbaud, Terms, Allegra Krieger, Tairrie B, Deerhoof and… – back when everything was broken and the then new band couldn’t even get together to rehearse. The two of them, for Terms are a duo, did everything remotely.


Terms are Christopher Trull on Guitar/Bass and Danny Piechocki on Drums There is an October 2020 Organ review of that debut album – ORGAN THING: That debut Terms album then, people from Grand Ulena, from Yowie, like Jackson Pollock feeding spiders down your ears… – “I can’t say the two of them are actually like a gang of insects running over your face, maybe a couple of very organised yet slightly crazed off-hinge Spiders? Spiders with extra legs, not that their sound is ever cluttered, not that there are too many legs, Asbestos Mouth sounds precise, busy yes, cluttered no, thrilling? You bet! They are kind of pulling Rock apart of then putting it together in a way that is still very much Rock music but somehow isn’t quite Rock as we know it – Other you might say – and yes, tightly composed, a sense of precision yet it does feel so alive, so free, laced with a spontaneous spirit, a careful need to go and discover where the next note goes….”

You can read the whole of the album review via that link you just went past, here’s another chunk for now, it was and still is a damn fine album – “Terms, we’re told are “a socially-distanced band”, a band who “deal in dissonance”. Arriving by way of St. Petersburg, Florida and St. Louis, Missouri, Terms are Danny Piechocki and Christopher Trull, they’re people who have served time in bands such as Grand Ulena, Jitters and the mighty mighty beast that was (or is?) Yowie – Terms, we are told, “bring a wealth of experience and a hearty dash of the unexpected to the operating table”. This debut album, Asbestos Mouth is pin-point good, for once you’re not waiting for the vocalist to get back from the pub and bring it to life, far too often instrumental things like this can sound like self-indulgent show-off muso wank, not here though, Asbestos Mouth sounds just right, it needs nothing more – it comes with a crunch, it bites with dissonance, skewed riffs, syncopated warmth, a feel, an edgy caress, it kind of feels like Jackson Pollock, I always thought Jackson was a jazz man, but maybe this is closer, that precise placement of the drip, the complete control that lets you think it isn’t? Yeap, this is Jack The Dripper music, this running in and out of you, running over you, this is painting spiders in your ear, this is gooooooooooood…”

And so the “socially-distanced band” couldn’t get together, the debut album happened and so did Covid and lockdown. Here we are, Autumn 2022 and the band still haven’t got to gig together, it all went quiet after that glorious debut, and then, out of the blue came this track on the new SkinGraft compilation and then, well, we’ll let Christopher Trull tell you…

“Yes, we have a new album completed.  the album will be called “All Becomes Indistinct” we’re doing vinyl this time, and it’s already been at the pressing plant for a few months. we’re hoping for an early 2023 release”

Haven’t you done most of it remotely?  The pandemic must have had even more of an impact?

“Yes, we live roughly 900 miles away from each other, so it’s logistically challenging! 😂 I’m excited to finally play live with this band!”

How did you actually get started, did you meet up first and then carry on remotely or the other way around?

“We actually have done everything long distance until very recently. I was soglad it worked when we finally played together in person” 

And we did get to see a rehearsal video of the two of them in action, wow! Those live dates, when they come are going to be good, the video isn’t ready for public viewing yet, they’re editing it, but here’s something from 2020 and the demos that became the “Hoarder Of Operations” EP back before the first album


And here are those Terms US tour dates!  These will be their first ever live shows…

OCT 26    St. Louis, MO @ Red Flag w/ USA Nails & Child Bite – Halloween record release show
OCT 27    Kansas City, MO @ 7th Heaven (Early Show!)
OCT 28    Tulsa, OK @ Venue TBD
OCT 29    Denton, TX @ Rubber Gloves – NO COAST MUSIC FEST

That 2020 Terms album is out on SkinGraft Records as well, here it is, with all the details, on Bandcamp


And yes, that new Skingraft compilation, Sounds To Make You Shudder! An album packed with goodness, an album that we’ll review properly and almost certainly froth over in a week or two when we’re closer to the release date, the details of that are on Bandcamp as well…


Here’s a little more on the tracklisting of Sounds To Make You Shudder! and well, the treats awaiting (I so want to change that track listing to David Yowie)

DAVID YOW and YOWIE – The Spider’s Greeting
The Jesus Lizard’s David Yow is master of ceremonies and none other than St. Louis’ Yowie has got his back, laying down their first new music since the release of “Synchromysticism”.

USA NAILS – Horror Show         
Formed through a mutual love of noise rock, punk and krautrock, USA Nails made their SKiN GRAFT debut earlier this year on the “Split” LP with Psychic Graveyard. For their return, they look no further than the world around us to pen “Horror Show”.

LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS – Procreation (Of The Wicked)
Chicago’s avant prog oddballs Lovely Little Girls are back with their reimagining of the Celtic Frost favorite, maintaining the song’s malevolent mood while taking it places never heard before.

TERMS – Mouthful of Moss
Having served in acts such as Grand Ulena, Jitters and Yowie, Terms bring a wealth of experience and a heaping helping of the unexpected to the operating table. Their album “All Becomes Indistinct” will be released in 2023. This track is not on it.

TIJUANA HERCULES – Long Slide     
“No crossing the River Styx” – The Eye of Horus knew it all along and said it with a cha-cha beat. Past the ooze and straight to the Hillbilly Trance, “Long Slide” is a saucer-eyed hex where infinity never arrives. Conceived in the laboratories of Frogg Mountain Recording Studio.

PILI COïT – Lo Comte Arnau
On paper, Lyon’s Pili Coït sound simple enough: Jessica Martin Maresco (of Le Grand Sbam) on floor tom, oil can, synth, drum and vocals – plus Guilhem Meier (of Poil) on guitar and vocals. On record, Pili Coït come together – here for a haunting rendition of a traditional Occitan song. SKiN GRAFT will release their album “Love Everywhere” on vinyl in 2023.

The Osees’ John Dwyer takes Psychic Graveyard’s raw, emotion filled mechanics and puts them through ringer, remixing the four piece into a squirming sickly electronic mess of delights. 

JIM O’ROURKE – guising           
Taking up from where Brise-Glace’s Camp SKiN GRAFT track “likeness” left off one-hundred catalog numbers ago, Jim returns with “guising”, where scary sounds are scarred, then sewn up again into something resembling itself.

CUNTROACHES – Borborygmus
Here is a first dose of the type of noise-wave, black metal bombast Berlin’s Cuntroaches will bring to the fore in 2023.  Their full length is entering post-production. No one is ready.

Now well into their fourth decade of existence, legendary SKiN GRAFT recording artists Strangulated Beatoffs (just barely) lift a finger to return with their first new recording in 10 years.

The new trio from Blake Fleming (formerly of Laddio Bolocko, Mars Volta and Dazzling Killmen) takes you rocketing through the eye of the cobra and beyond the final frontier to strange new worlds. Amar’s Volta is slinky, seductive and raw.

BOBBY CONN – Dont Be Afraid
A veteran of Chicago’s No Wave scene, Bobby Conn quickly developed a reputation for delivering messages of hope, politics, despair, revolution and bullshit in a quasi-falsetto, all the while decked to the nines in glitter, eyeliner and high heels. His third consecutive SKiN GRAFT compilation appearance.

The FLYING LUTTENBACHERS – Violence Labyrinth
No wave / punk jazz / brutal prog iconoclasts The Flying Luttenbachers’ founding member Weasel Walter takes listeners on a dizzying ride in all directions at once – and straight down where it counts.

UPRIGHT FORMS – They Kept On Living
Dragging behind ghosts of SKiN GRAFT’s past (Dazzling Killmen, Colossamite and Xaddax) this carbon-based, three-headed organism raise a collective fist at the inevitable dark veil. The debut of Nick Sakes’ new band.

AZITA – Tss Tss
Former Scissor Girl and past, present and future Azita Youssefi surprises in the best of possible ways, wrapping up with a reflective synth n’ sax “party’s over” jam that will leave you grasping at straws and reaching for the stars.

You can preorder the album right now via Bandcamp

And that’s our work done for today, I;m off to throw paint at soemthing (sw)

The album will of course feature on Marina Organ’s Other Rock show on Resonance 104.4FM in the coming weeks, if you missed last weekend’s show then you can catch it alongside hundreds of old episodes via Mixcloud, listen to last Sunday’s show here or tune in this Sunday for more…

Resonance is a trail-blazing, not-for-profit radio station dedicated to the arts and culture. From its launch in 2002, its award-winning programming has given voice to the vibrant diversity of London’s thriving arts and music scenes. Resonance’s pool of creatives speaks directly and expressively to an engaged and passionate audience, locally, nationally and internationally. Our 24/7 broadcast service combines its FM signal in the City with DAB digital radio coverage across Greater London.

Marina Organ presents an hour of music each week via Resonance FM, music that uses unconventional structures and ‘other’ time signatures – gathered from the worldwide undergrounds of math rock, avant prog, weird electronica and strange pop. This week: music from Danny Elfman, Chancer, Cardiacs, Don Pie Pie, Nick Prol and the Proletarians, Army of Moths, the Assdroids, Thinking Plague, Gosta Berlings Saga, and a preview of the forthcoming new album from Black Country New Road. Follow the playlist on Twitter @OtherRockShow. Visit for more information. [Repeated Thursday 8am.]


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